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Distance Learning

The Growing Trend of Distance Learning

Distance learning, also referred to as distance education, e-learning and online learning, has become part of the educational system's new normal. It involves physical separation of teachers and students during instruction, along with various technologies aimed at facilitating communication between teacher and student, as well as among the students themselves.

Distance learning began being used only for nontraditional students, such as non-residents or people living in remote areas who were unable to attend regular school classes. It is now an established component of education, and it appears that this trend will continue to expand.

In keeping with our commitment to adapting to changing educational standards, curriculums and evolving techniques, Really Good Stuff® offers products to assist both parents who have decided to homeschool their children, as well as teachers preparing and conducting online instruction to their Kindergarten through sixth grade students (and higher levels for STEM and social studies).

Distance (Remote) Learning Products for Parents and Teachers

Our Parent Essentials start with home classroom equipment and supplies, especially important for homeschooling parents. We offer a wide assortment of effective, home-based activities, games, books and other resources for each grade level from Kindergarten through sixth grade, as well as Family Learning Games and Family Engagement Packs that facilitate hands-on parent involvement in their children's academic learning. In addition, we have pre-Kindergarten educational readiness products, as well as high-quality and affordable arts and crafts supplies.

For teachers, we have a huge assortment of supplies, activities, demonstrations, books and other resources for language arts, math, science and social studies geared to class levels Kindergarten through grade 6 (and up to grade 8 and higher in STEM and social studies). Allow us to help you set up your home classroom with all the supplies, curriculum information and visual aids you'll need to successfully teach class remotely. In addition, we have resources for SEL (social and emotional) and cross-curricular enrichment, plus some SEL exercises for teachers to try themselves