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carpets and rugs

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Flexible Seating Squares 6 Colors - 6 squares
Dot Marks the Spot to Sanitize Here Mat - 4' x 6'
Wash Your Hands Mat - 4' x 6'
7' 6" Group Colors Rug - 6 Colors - 30 Squares
Extra Plush Solid Color Carpet Squares - Set of 6
10' X 8' Group-Colors Rug - 6 Colors - 30 Squares
Group Colors Alphabet Rug - 1 rug
Drop Ship
7' 6" Group-Colors Rug - 6 Colors - 24 Squares
Greenspace Artificial Grass Area Rug  6' By 9'  Jellybean - 1 rug
Sanitize Here Carpet Runner 3' x 12'
7'6" Group-Colors Rug – 4 Colors – 24 Squares - 1 rug
7'6" Group-Colors Rug – 4 Colors – 24 Squares - 1 rug
$299.99 $334.99
You save: $35.00 (10.0%)
Choose Kind Rug 4' X 6' - 1 rug
MyPerfectClassroom Premium Solid Carpet 6' x 9' Blue - 1 carpet
MyPerfectClassroom Premium Solid Carpet - 8'4" x 12' Blue
V.I.P. Rug - 1 rug
V.I.P. Rug - 1 rug
$22.99 $35.99
You save: $13.00 (36.0%)
Growth Mindset Rug
GreenSpace Artificial Grass Area Rug  4' By 6'  Jellybean - 1 rug
MyPerfectClassroom Premium Solid Carpet 4' x 6' Blue - 1 carpet
KIDSoft Branching Out Rug  Blue  4' X 6' - 1 rug
Greenspace Artificial Grass Area Rug  12' By 9'  Jellybean - 1 rug
KIDply Soft Solids Carpets - 8'4" X 12'
Drop Ship
1" Germ-Free Rest Mat - 1 mat
Solid Color Carpet - Blue 8'5" x 11'9" Rectangle - 1 carpet
Geometric Shapes Carpet - 6' x 12' Semi Circle

A good rug or carpet is an easy way to liven up your classroom and tie it all together. Whether you’re hoping to just bring some extra color or want to give your students a comfortable place to sit on the floor, you’ll find the right rugs to match your needs at Really Good Stuff®.

Give Your Students Designated Read and Play Spots

One reason teachers love adding carpets and rugs to their classroom is to give their students designated areas to sit during read aloud time or individual reading. A large reading carpet creates a spot for everyone to gather when you’re ready to share a story with them. We have reading carpets in a range of colors and designs to match the personality of your classroom. You can never go wrong with a good alphabet rug, but we also carry designs featuring butterflies, color blocks, maps and more. A carpet with a grid featuring different colors is a great way to give students assigned spots during read aloud time. Student A can have the red square with Student B on the purple star and so on.

Smaller rugs can also serve a functional purpose in your classroom. Individual squares give students a comfortable place to sit while reading independently, and they can be moved around when needed. You could even give students individual squares that are then placed next to each other to form a large carpet during group reading. You can also use rugs as a spot for students to decompress and calm down when they’re having trouble listening. We have rugs with “Mindful Minute,” “Choose Kind” and “Take a Break” messaging for this purpose.

Add to Your Classroom’s Decor

Sometimes, you want to add rugs to your classroom for a bit of color and decoration without a specific use in mind. We have tons of rugs for this, too. You can go with solid colors like blue and green or multicolor rugs with gradients, color blocks or nature-inspired designs.