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Flexible Furniture Set-Ups for Every Classroom

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Flexible Seating Squares 6 Colors - 6 squares
Dot Marks the Spot to Sanitize Here Mat - 4' x 6'
Wash Your Hands Mat - 4' x 6'
7' 6" Group Colors Rug - 6 Colors - 30 Squares
Extra Plush Solid Color Carpet Squares - Set of 6
10' X 8' Group-Colors Rug - 6 Colors - 30 Squares
Group Colors Alphabet Rug - 1 rug
7' 6" Group-Colors Rug - 6 Colors - 24 Squares
Greenspace Artificial Grass Area Rug  6' By 9'  Jellybean - 1 rug
Sanitize Here Carpet Runner 3' x 12'
Choose Kind Rug 4' X 6' - 1 rug
A To Z Animals Carpet - Rectangle 8'4"x 13'4" - 1 carpet
7'6" Group-Colors Rug – 4 Colors – 24 Squares - 1 rug
MyPerfectClassroom Premium Solid Carpet 6' x 9' Blue - 1 carpet
KIDSoft Branching Out Rug  Blue  4' X 6' - 1 rug
Sequential Seating Literacy 8' x 12' Rectangle Premium Carpet - 1 carpet
MyPerfectClassroom Premium Solid Carpet 4' x 6' Blue - 1 carpet
MyPerfectClassroom Premium Solid Carpet - 8'4" x 12' Blue
Growth Mindset Rug
Nature's Colors Learning Blocks Carpets - Rectangle 5'10"x 8'4" - 1 carpet
GreenSpace Artificial Grass Area Rug  4' By 6'  Rectangle - 1 rug
KIDply Soft Solids Carpets - 8'4" X 12'
Drop Ship
Upper- And Lowercase Alphabet Rug - 1 rug

Rugs Can Transform Your Classroom

Classroom rugs are a fantastic way to warm up any learning environment, be it a traditional schoolroom or the room of a house designated for a child's online/remote learning. Really Good Stuff® is proud to offer a wide selection of carpets in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

You can feel good knowing that all our classroom carpets have been selected based on their high quality, durability, fire safety and reasonable price. Other features considered include their stain resistance, allergen and microbe control capability, anti-static properties, plushness and comfort. All come with a manufacturer's guarantee.

Using Classroom Carpets Strategically

We offer rugs in enough different sizes that you can use them for any number of purposes in your classroom. Gather groups of children together on the 10' x 8' Group Colors Rug, which includes six different colors in 30 squares, or the fun A to Z Animals Carpet, which measures 8'4" x 13'4" and depicts brightly animated animals matching the letters of the alphabet.

Use smaller sizes for gathering groups of fewer students, or arrange carpeted “nooks" in your classroom, such as reading corners or supplies stations. The Kidply Soft Solids Carpets measure 6' x 9' and come in three solid colors, which you can use to designate different areas of your room that have distinct purposes.

Our 4' x 6' and other smaller rugs come in several colorful designs, many with a positive message, like the Choose Kind Rug, Growth Mindset Classroom Rug and Take a Mindful Minute Round Rug. In addition, many of our rugs help reinforce learning concepts among younger students. For example, shape and color recognition are supported by our Geometric Shape Carpet, while number recognition is the theme of the Numbers from One to 20 Rug.

Individual Rugs Help With Social Distancing

Last but far from least are our individual rugs, which comfortably fit one student at a time. These rugs, like the Extra-Plush Solid Color Carpet Squares (set of six rugs), can be invaluable in helping you implement classroom social distancing. Place them where you want your students to sit, at an appropriate distance from each other.

Other single-child carpets can be miniature islands of comfort and calm to some students, like our Really Good Buddy Rugs™, which are inviting to children with their vivid colors and lively designs. They make wonderful spots for reading, resting, working quietly or for a behavior time out when needed!