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The Many Advantages of Parental Involvement

Dozens of studies have been published regarding the positive effects of parental/family involvement with their children's education. Findings overwhelmingly support the positive effect of such involvement on students' academic success and achievement.

The benefits of being engaged in your child's education include the following:

  • More consistent attendance
  • Better attitude towards school and education
  • Higher academic performance
  • Better in-class behavior
  • Stronger parent-child bonding

Don't miss the opportunity to make an impact on your own child's current and future academic success, which is ultimately tied to so many different areas of their life. Self-esteem, perseverance and making healthy choices are just some of the secondary benefits of succeeding at school.

In addition, when children know they have the support of their family, they are more inclined to approach tasks confidently and ask for help when needed.

Family Engagement Packs for Every Age and Elementary Grade

To support parent-involved child education, Really Good Stuff® has created a variety of Family Engagement Packs designed to help parents work more effectively with their kids in a number of academic skill areas. Our Engagement Packs are targeted toward specific age/grade levels, starting with pre-Kindergarten and going up through grade five.

Our Family Engagement Packs include a variety of homeschool or classroom tools, resources and manipulatives designed to help students with pre-reading for pre-Kindergarten through first grade, basic shapes skills (2D and 3D) for first and second grades, and homework help for Kindergarten through fifth grade.

In addition, we offer Family Engagement Math Skills Packs for third through fifth grades, and Science/STEM-oriented Packs for Kindergarten, third and fourth grades.

Working with your child using our unique, creative and easy-to-use Engagement Pack materials and resources makes supporting your student's education fun and positive. Choose your favorite or that of your student right away, so you can get started on this valuable bonding experience.