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tapes & other adhesives

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Colorations® Hook Self-Adhesive Fastener - 25 Yards
Colorations® Glitter Craft Tape - Set of 10
Colorations® 1" Colored Masking Tape, Set of 6
Colorations® Craft Tape Super Pack - Set of 20
Colorations® Best Value Hook and Loop Set
Colorations 1" Colored Masking Tape
StikkiDOTS - 50 dots
Best Value Tape
Mavalus Tape, White
Easy-Loading Tape Dispenser - without Tape
Regular Masking Tape ¾" - 1 roll of tape
Loopers 16 oz. Jumbo Bag
Masking Tape, Set of 10 Colors, 1" x 180 ft ea
Colorations® Tape Dispenser with 10 Rolls of 1" Colored Masking Tape
Mavalus Tape, Red
Mavalus Tape, Green, 1" x 27 ft
Mavalus Tape, Yellow
Tape Dispenser
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