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phonics-phonemic awareness

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ELA Skills: Phonemic Awareness
Tap and Write Blends And Digraphs - 124 cards
Toobaloo® - 1 Unit
Tap and Blend Long Vowel Cards - 168 cards
All About Letters Pocket Chart™
Find-A-Spot CVC Missing Letters Game - 1 game
Change-A-Word Onsets And Rimes Literacy Center™
CVC Stacking Tiles Game - 1 game
EZread Soft Touch™ Jumbo, Foam, Color-Coded Magnetic Lowercase Letters
Find-A-Spot™ Beginning Letter Sounds Game - 1 game
Blends and Digraphs Pocket Chart Card Set
Blends And Digraphs Stacking Tiles Game - 1 game
Beginning Sound Dominoes Literacy Center™ - 1 literacy center
Letter Identification and Phonics Magnetic Boards
Individual User Plastic Magnetic Lower Case Letters - 53 Count
Individual User Plastic Magnetic Upper Case Letters - 33 Count
Sounds on the Farm Listening Lotto Game
Sounds At Home Listening Lotto Game
Crack The Code CVC Word Puzzles - 24 puzzles
Learning Success Kit - Kindergarten
Feed Me – Rhyming Words Chips - 100 chips
Build-A-Word-Family Activity - 20 puzzles

Reading is the foundation of a good education. By learning this invaluable skill, your child will be able to take their knowledge to new heights. Reading will also instill a sense of curiosity and adventure in them that may encourage them to learn outside of the classroom.

To ensure that your child becomes a good reader, they need to learn the basics, and phonics kits can help with that endeavor.

Benefits of Phonics

Kids who learn to read using phonics often have improved phonemic awareness, which allows them to identify, hear and manipulate letter symbols with the appropriate sound. Having the right tools to help with this teaching process, such as phonic manipulatives, is a way that you can ensure your child’s success as they learn to read.

Not only can reading help improve your child’s knowledge base, but it impacts other areas of their life as well, including developing patience and empathy, as well as expanding their imagination.

When it comes to phonics and other ELS supplies, these give them the skills they need to recognize the syllable structure and sound out words — which are necessary skills that help them learn new words and take their reading abilities to a whole new level.

Reading Beyond the Classroom

The classroom is a great place for kids to learn how to read, and teachers have the skillset and knowledge to help them through this process. However, reinforcing the skills they learn at school at home encourages your child’s reading success.

Whether you are using a phonic chip kit setup, pocket charts or even playing word games with your child, these are great ways to improve your child’s reading skills. This gives them the basics so that they are successful with assignments in the classroom, as well as with whatever life throws their way.