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Wooden 24-Piece Puzzle - 12 Piece Set with Storage Shelf
Wooden Mini Flat Puzzle - 12 Piece Set with Storage Shelf
Handy Wooden Block Puzzles - 12 Piece Set with Storage Shelf
Flat Puzzle with Big Wooden Knob - Animal Set of 4
Wooden Flat Puzzles - Set of 6
Wooden 48-Piece Puzzle Kit - Set of 8
Flat Puzzle - 12 Piece Set with Storage Shelf
Wooden 16-Piece Puzzle - Set of 12 with Storage Shelf
Montessori Puzzle Animals Kit - Set of 12
9-Piece Wooden Puzzle - Set of 12 with Storage Shelf
Excellerations® Preschool Puzzles - Set of 6
Alphabet Puzzle Set of 26
Excellerations® Creative Thinker Puzzles – Set of 4
Excellerations® Transportation Puzzles – Set of 8
USA Floor Puzzle- 51 Pieces
Foam Skeleton Floor Puzzle - 15 Pieces
World Floor Puzzle - 1 puzzle
Excellerations® In My Community Puzzles - Set of 12
Excellerations® Garden Creature Puzzles - Set of 8
Excellerations® Multicultural Food Puzzles - Set of 6
Community Puzzles and Rack Set - Set of 12
Multi Fit Puzzle Rack

Classroom Jigsaw Puzzles

Playtime will also be learning time when you have fun, educational puzzles from Really Good Stuff®. An educational jigsaw puzzle is an excellent developmental tool for students of all ages. They can help hone fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, promote logical thinking, and increase attention span, among other benefits. And you can’t underestimate the boost to a student’s self-esteem when they’re able to complete an educational jigsaw puzzle for the first time.

School puzzles for kids also teach about valuable subjects. Alphabet and number puzzles are great for toddlers who are just being introduced to these concepts. If you want to give students more exposure to nature, get a set of Garden Creature Puzzles. These are educational wooden puzzles with photo-realistic images that help children relate and familiarize with the world around them. There are also classroom puzzles that depict modes of transportation, multicultural foods, community activities, and much more. Each one can reinforce unique topics that help children grow, learn, and think critically. Excellerations® In My Community Puzzles, for example, are educational wooden puzzles with colorful graphics that can familiarize children with the diverse neighborhoods, ethnicities, careers, and more.

Educational Puzzles for Kids

Use our search filters to shop by grade level or age for appropriate classroom puzzles. In addition to basic educational jigsaw puzzles for preschool and elementary school, you can find more advanced puzzles for middle school students. Some of our other puzzles include activities for helping children understand word or math concepts, matching games, counting fluency, and more.

Really Good Stuff makes it easy for students to play and learn while accomplishing their goals. We have the best quality at the best prices plus free shipping on qualifying orders.

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