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magnetic letters

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EZread Color-Coded Plastic Magnetic Letters Kit
EZread™ Plastic Magnetic Lowercase Letters - 80 letters
EZread™ Plastic Magnetic Letters Kit - 241 pieces
EZread Soft Touch™ Jumbo, Foam, Color-Coded Magnetic Lowercase Letters
Magnetic Alphabet Letter Tiles with Red Vowels - 129 letter tiles
EZread Soft Touch™ Magnetic Foam Letter Tiles - 80 lowercase letter tiles
Magnetic Learning Activity Boards Kit - Alphabet Arcs - 4 mats, 104 letters
EZread Soft Touch™ Magnetic Letters: Expanded Set
EZread™ Plastic Magnetic Letters Set - Uppercase
Magnetic Alphabet Charts And Letters Kit - 2 boards, 52 letters
EZRead™ Black Plastic Magnetic Letters - Lowercase - 80 letters
Magnetic Alphabet Charts, Set Of 2
EZread™ Plastic Magnetic Letter Set
Magnetic Spanish Characters Add-On Set
Magnetic Word-Building - 6 Student Set
MAGtivity Tins And Magnetic Letters Classroom Kit
EZread Color-Coded Plastic Magnetic Letter Kits - 1,440 letters, 6 cases
EZread Black Plastic Magnetic Lowercase Letter Kit  240 Letters
EZread Letter Tile Kit
Out Of Stock
EZread Soft Touch Expanded Magnetic Letters And Storage Case
Spanish Plastic Magnetic Letters with Storage Case
Say It in Magnets: Premium Classroom Magnet Letters

Your classroom isn’t quite complete without a set of magnetic letters that help transform your magnetic dry erase boards, bulletin boards and desks into fun-to-explore learning centers. Really Good Stuff™ offers some of the best classroom letter magnets around, with educator-designed options that help ramp up learning, instruction and play in any environment. Whether you’re looking for deluxe magnetic letter sets, jumbo letter tiles, foam magnetic letters or magnetic word-building kits, you’ll find it here.

Ideal for any language arts classroom, these letters aid in reading, writing, spelling, blending sounds and much more. We’ve taken all the most fundamental classroom basics to brand-new levels, and our magnetic letters are a wonderful example. In other words, these aren’t your typical refrigerator magnet letters! Featuring sturdy designs, smart storage solutions and constructions that prevent damage to your dry erase board, these letter magnets are specifically designed for use in the busy, modern classroom. There’s virtually no lesson where you won’t find a need for them!

Our magnetic letters, tiles and boards turn any language arts lesson into a fun, engaging activity. Most magnetic letter sets come with two colors: one for vowels and one for consonants. This helps young readers differentiate between the two. Plastic and foam magnetic letters are a great way to make learning word building and sound matching more interactive. Throw in some beginning blend letters that help students identify common letter and sound combinations like “bl” and “ch”. We even have Spanish letter add-ons to help during Spanish and ESL lessons.

Versatile Classroom Staples for Any Lesson

Our magnetic letter kits are perfect for group work, print concepts activities, modeling word sets and all literacy lessons, whether you’re teaching kindergarten or English as a second language to adults. Don’t forget to peruse our selection of helpful magnetic charts that help students grasp essential tools for reading, writing and spelling and serve as constant reminders of key concepts. Check out all of our exclusive products to see the Really Good Stuff difference. We work hard to ensure that our products fit into curriculums, including those that meet Common Core and state and local standards. These magnets help you bring any language arts lesson to life!