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reading environment

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Mid-Size Mobile Storage Rack With Chapter Book Bins™ - 1 rack, 6 bins
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Mid-Size Mobile Storage Rack With Picture Book Bins™ - 1 rack, 4 bins
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Mid-Size Mobile Storage Rack - 1 rack
Mid-Size Mobile Storage Rack With 6 Chapter Book Bins™ - Grouping
Desktop Bookshelf With Cups
Desktop Bookshelf With Cups
$49.99 $99.99
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Curved Segment Bookcase - 1 bookcase
Curved Segment Bookcase - 1 bookcase
$112.49 $124.99
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Really Good Sit-Upons™ - Set of 6
Nature Walk Roomscape
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2" Germ-Free Rest Mat
Jonti-Craft® Homework Station Without Trays - 1 storage unit
Character Koi Rug - Round - 1 rug
Indoor Nature Reading Nook with Floor Mat - Ready to Assemble
Mobile Book Storage Island
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2" Germ-Free Two-Tone Blue Rest Mat
2" Germfree Two-Tone Blue Rest Mats - Set of 6
Jonti-Craft® Corner Classroom Library Nook - 1 unit
1" Best Value Tri- Fold Rest Mat - Blue
Jonti-Craft® Read-A-Round 3-Piece Set
Jonti-Craft® Read-A-Round Island - 2-piece unit
Best Value Fitted Mat Sheets - Set of 6
MyPerfectClassroom® 2" Germfree No-Fold Rest Mat - 4 pk
Rainbow 2" Rest Mats - Set of 5
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Create a dedicated space where students can read with this selection of reading furniture from Really Good Stuff®. These pieces are perfect for setting up a cozy reading environment in your classroom. From rugs and chairs for the kids to sit on to racks and shelves where you can store all your books, we offer a variety of solutions for creating a custom reading book in your room. Start shopping now to find all kinds of fun and inviting classroom furniture on our website.

Encourage Reading in Class

If you want kids to really concentrate on their reading and improve their literacy skills, it helps to foster a relaxed and comfortable environment where they can focus on their book. Fortunately, we make it easy to set up a reading corner or a reading book in your class without going over budget. You don’t need to tackle tricky projects like DIY wooden classroom mailboxes or homemade reading stools. Instead, save time and money by investing in quality, long-lasting classroom furniture that will make your students feel right at home in a dedicated reading space.

Types of Furniture for a Classroom Reading Area

There are several types of furniture pieces you may decide to incorporate into your classroom reading area. Be sure to take into account factors like the age and reading level of your students, the size of your classroom library and what types of colors and styles you’d like to feature. You can mix and match rugs, chairs, benches and stools to provide multiple seating options for students. Provide storage options that are easy for kids to access, such as mobile storage racks with book bins or free-standing bookshelves. Shop at Really Good Stuff® today to find great deals on all kinds of quality classroom furniture.