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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!

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spanish language arts

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Mi Libro de ABECÉ (My Spanish ABC Book) – 12 Journals
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Excellerations Puzzle Up Hispanic Family - 48 Pieces

The purpose of education is to give kids the skills and knowledge they’ll need to be productive members of society. While it’s important to have the basics, including reading, writing and arithmetic, learning another language can be beneficial as well.

Not only can this help them achieve success later in life, but while they are learning, it stimulates their brain, improves their attention span and may help them improve their native language.

One of the most common languages spoken around the world is Spanish, and having the right materials can make it easier to teach within an elementary classroom. Knowing the Spanish language arts standards is beneficial, as is having access to Spanish language arts curriculum.

Spanish Language Arts Tools for the Classroom and Beyond

When it comes to language arts in Spanish, having a variety of tools and materials in your classroom is beneficial. To make learning easier for your students, you might consider adding books in Spanish to your classroom library. Your students will enjoy reading the educational narratives while also learning a new language.

You can also add picture dictionaries with dual languages. This allows your students to experience the words in their first language as well as in the Spanish language to potentially increase their success. The pictures add another layer of understanding.

There are also a variety of posters that can be displayed around your room to help students learn Common Core standards for Spanish language arts. This might include a Spanish syllable chart, a poster to help with close reading cues and codes or a poster that displays conversation cards. This gives families the chance to help students grow socially, emotionally and academically.

Skills that Last for a Lifetime

Being able to speak several languages is incredibly beneficial. With so many people around the world speaking Spanish, it seems only logical that this skill should be taught to students as soon as possible. Really Good Stuff® has the materials and tools to make this process enjoyable and educational.