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language arts games and activities - primary

1-24 of 164 items
Word Building Sliders: Word Families - 27 sliders
Letter Reversal Gumball Game - 1 game
Sight Word Construction Activity - 1 game
Find-A-Spot™ Letter Recognition Game - 1 game
Word Twists™ - 10 twisters
Dice Shakers ELA Kit – Primary - multi-item kit
EZRead™ Dolch Pre-Primer Tap & Track Sight Word Sentences
Monkey Matching Letter Puzzles - 26 puzzles
Tell the Story - Sequencing and Story Building - 20 Wooden Pieces
Complete the Item - Transparent Picture Matching Game
Magnetic Alphabet Charts, Set Of 2
Swattin' Sight Words Game - 1 game
Word Building Sliders: Blends and Digraphs - 27 sliders
Stamp the Letter - Tracing and Prewriting Skills - Set 26 of Wooden Stampers
Comprehension Game Trios: Set Of 4 - Grades 2-5
Search and Find - Memory Matching Game
Peek and Tell - Sequencing and Early Story Telling
Word Bingo - Picture Bingo Game for Up to 6 Players
What is the Opposite? 24 Wooden Pieces
Match Three - Sorting Skills Activity - 36 Wooden Pieces
Crack The Code CVC Word Puzzles - 24 puzzles
EZread™ Magnetic Sound Box Mats And Chips
Feed Me – Rhyming Words Chips - 100 chips

Encourage a love of the written word in your students with primary language arts games and activities from Really Good Stuff®. Our collection of educational tools to help with reading and language are perfect for younger students who need a little help becoming stronger readers. From recognizing letters and simple words to testing their vocabulary and reading comprehension, we offer a wide variety of options for preschoolers all the way up to middle school students. Find beginner language arts tools to incorporate into your lesson plans when you browse through our collection of reading resources.

Inspiring Young Readers

As a teacher, you want your students to develop strong reading skills. Part of that goal is to help them succeed in the classroom since reading is involved in every subject, not just language arts. If they have a strong foundation with letters, words and comprehension, it will serve them well for years to come and help them to build upon those skills as they progress through school. Another aspect to consider is helping kids learn to love the written word. A love of reading provides intellectual stimulation for kids and encourages them to be curious, inquisitive and thoughtful. These beginner language arts activities and games are designed to encourage a love of reading that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Suited to Each Student

One of the ways we’ve made it easy for teachers to find exactly what their students need is by categorizing each product according to grade level. Whether you work with preschoolers, kindergarteners, elementary school students or middle schoolers, you’ll find an excellent selection of reading comprehension activities and primary spelling games to help them succeed. Many teachers stock up on a few grade levels to provide the proper materials who may be a bit ahead or behind in their reading skills upon entering their class. Shop now to find the best fit for your students at Really Good Stuff®.