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guided reading

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Jumbo Magnetic Chart - Story Mapping
Guided Reading Plans and Prompts: A Framework For Responsive Teaching - 5 menus, 5 templates, 1 folder
Guided Reading Question Wands - 30 wands
Read And Respond Pocket Chart™ - 1 pocket chart
Read And Respond Flip Journals - 12 journals
Nonfiction Text Features 12-In-1 Poster Set
Question And Task Wands For Literary Text - 32 wands
Jumbo Dry Erase Magnetic Writing Lines - 2 magnetic writing lines
E.Z.C. Reader Strips™ - 30 strips
Jumbo Magnetic Chart - Inference - 1 chart
Jumbo Magnetic Chart - Inference - 1 chart
$4.99 $14.99
You save: $10.00 (67.0%)
Magnetic Dry Erase Sentence Strips - 5 sentence strips
E.Z.C. Strips® - Return Sweep - 30 strips
E.Z.C. Strips® - Return Sweep - 30 strips
$17.99 $22.49
You save: $4.50 (20.0%)
Reading Genres 10-in-1 Poster Set
Guided Reading Strips - Paw Prints - 12 reading strips
Guided Reading Strips - Paw Prints - 12 reading strips
$5.99 $11.99
You save: $6.00 (50.0%)
E.Z.C. Highlighter Tape - 1/2-in Wide - 32-ft Long
I Can Prove It! E.Z.C. Reader® - 12 readers
Learning Success Kit - Kindergarten
Strategies For Reading Poster - 1 poster
Read Every Day Folders - 12 folders
Read And Build Sight Word Sentences - 25 cards, 100 tiles
Flag Your Strategy Bookmarks - 24 bookmarks
Learning Success Kit - PreK

Guided reading is a great strategy to use when you want your students to be able to read independently. With guided reading, you provide support to students while they apply the reading strategies they’ve learned to new texts. Often, you put students in groups based on their reading level and assign texts you know they can succeed with. At Really Good Stuff®, you’ll find guided reading supplies and resources to support your students as they work on reading independently.

Equip Students to Read Alone

Some students need more help while reading alone. Other words on the page can be distracting or they struggle to keep track of what line they are on. We have plenty of reader strips and word trackers to help with this issue. Some readers even double as a critical thinking tool and feature questions for students to answer about the text and prove they understand what they are reading on a deeper level. We also have highlighter tape that can be used by teachers to highlight important information or by readers to mark words or sentences they don’t quite understand. If your students need to be reminded of common reading strategies, we have bookmarks that feature important tips like sounding out words and checking pictures.

Checking in on Comprehension

Part of guided reading is making sure reading groups understand the meaning of the text. There are a lot of ways you can check their reading comprehension skills, and we have tools to help with this. Our Guided Reading Question Wands come with both literature and informational text questions that can be asked before, during or after reading to engage students in critical thinking.

Journals are a great tool for getting students to respond to reading assignments. We carry beautifully designed flip journals that feature guided responses for literature and informational texts. Instead of these journals, you can use comprehension activity cards and have students respond to them either verbally or through writing after they’ve finished a text. We also have reading folders that can hold reading materials and a log with common reading comprehension questions on the back that they can respond to after each book or assignment.