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Summer Learning

Help them get ready for a successful school year ahead

All You need for Summer Learning, in One Place!
All You need for Summer Learning, in One Place!

Implement creative activities in your classroom with the help of affordable arts and crafts supplies from Really Good Stuff®. You'll love being able to find so many versatile, colorful, and flat-out fun products for your students. Our arts and crafts supplies include everything from basic markers and crayons to colored paper, stamps, and other cool craft stuff. Encourage kids to think outside the box and use their imaginations with this selection of classroom art supplies.

A Fun Way to Learn

Adding a creative element to a lesson can really make an impact on a child. While learning to read, write, and study are crucial skills, an artsy outlet can allow students to learn in different ways and get a stronger grasp of important subjects and concepts. It could be as simple as drawing pictures of the things they're learning about or as complicated as making a detailed diorama depicting a historical event. However creativity is incorporated, art supplies for kids offer an opportunity for developing minds to engage in activities that reinforce learning.

These hands-on activities give kids another way to understand what they're learning in school and can make them feel more excited and engaged about certain topics. Educational activities that require some creativity and imagination are important for kids of all ages, which is why we've made it easy to find arts and crafts supplies for each grade level.

Affordable Craft Supplies

At Really Good Stuff®, we're all about helping teachers find the best classroom supplies, including stuff for crafts. Our affordable prices allow many teachers to incorporate unique activities into their lesson plans without going over their classroom budget. You can shop for everything from sculpting clay to glue to markers and discover competitive prices that keep your educational costs down. Rather than feeling limited in the classroom based on a budget, make the most of every dollar by getting all your arts and crafts supplies and other teaching resources online at Really Good Stuff®.

Essential School Art Supplies

Stock up on the basics with our wide selection of school art supplies. We have a wide array of essential coloring utensils, many of which can be ordered in convenient, classroom-sized sets. With our paint & paint tools, you can find everything from finger painting classroom art supplies to easels, painting sets, and brushes of varying sizes. We also feature rotating holiday pages filled with festive arts and crafts supplies for your students to celebrate with.

If you’re looking for new ideas or teacher-favorite classroom art supplies, our arts and crafts bestsellers feature a variety of products that teachers and educators swear by. Shop through our bestsellers, and get inspired by all of the wonderful crafts and projects your students can make with these art teaching supplies.

Our comprehensive summer learning resources offer a variety of opportunities, activities, and kits for keeping your children academically engaged over the summer break. From Arts and Crafts to STEM Success, help children retain everything they’ve learned, as well as prepare for a successful new school year!

The Best Summer Learning Kits

At Really Good Stuff®, we offer a wide variety of summer learning kits across preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school grade levels. Get prepared for the upcoming school year with one of our Readiness Kits. These summer learning kits are a great supplemental resource that can help children refresh on key curriculum-based lessons, as well as give them a head start for the upcoming school year. Our Learning Success Kits are equally educational for focusing on grade-level-specific skills. For students who could use re-engagement over the summer or extra practice on important skills, our Learning Support materials are a great resource for skills-based education.

During long summer breaks, many students are at risk of losing social skills. Our Social-Emotional Learning materials can help students stay fresh on handling social situations, as well as learn to better understand and manage their own emotions.

For parents and families who want to stay involved and proactive with their students’ education, we offer a wide selection of Family Engagement Kits. These kits make great summer learning materials that keep students sharp and focused, and they come with helpful, teacher-developed activity guides that are easy for parents to follow.

Summer Learning Activities

Students shouldn’t be expected to sit at a desk and work all summer! We’re proud to offer exciting summer learning activities that can keep your children active. Our Physical Education selection offers a number of summer learning activities through outdoor games, playsets, and toys. Our Outdoor Learning products feature fun, outdoor dramatic play furniture, games, construction blocks, and more ideas that can foster the development of fine motor skills in children while keeping them active outdoors!