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family learning games

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Math Is Everywhere! Trail Game  Intermediate - 1 game
Adding And Subtracting Money Superhero Game - 2 games
Adding And Subtracting Money Superhero Game - 2 games
$22.49 $24.99
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Really Good Stuff® Cookie Jar Numbers Math Game - 1 game
Hot Dogs And Hamburgers! A Fractions Fast Food Trail Game - 1 game
Really Good Stuff® Treasure Chest Multiplication Game - 1 game

Our classroom or homeschool elementary math learning games are vibrant and engaging — definitely excellent ways to support your children's classroom learning at home, or to use as a small-group resource (from two up to eight players, depending on the game) for student instruction.

Tricky Sticks™ Math Kit gives Kindergarten to third grade children practice in solving missing number, shapes and money problems. It's also super easy to play.

The Cookie Jar Numbers Math Game, for pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten players, offers children practice in number recognition and basic math skills, in addition to building game-playing social skills.

Scoops Up! An Addition And Subtraction Ice Cream Trail Game is another game for Kindergarteners through second graders in which they practice addition and subtraction to 20, using a delightful ice cream-themed board.

Our Baseball Addition and Subtraction Math Spin Game is for Kindergarten to third grade students, and involves addition and subtraction problems using numbers 0 to 20. Up to four players can play at one time, using 100 unique math problems.

Math Is Everywhere! Trail Game Primary is for ages five and up. This game strengthens several primary math skills, including odd and even, equal and unequal, fractions, 2-D and 3-D shapes, money, time, measurement and counting. With two game boards included, up to eight children can play at one time.

Adding and Subtracting Money Superhero Game gives students in second or third grades, practice adding and subtracting money in a variety of ways, as they compete and try to capture the villain!

Tasty Toppings! A Multiplication and Division Pizza Trail Game is for students in grades three through five, and provides practice in multiplication and division as players move along the pizza topping trail, solving problems.

Math Is Everywhere! Trail Game Intermediate, for ages eight and up, reinforces several math intermediate skills, including multiplication, division, fractions, shapes, decimals, money, time and measurement. Color-coded decks can be used to differentiate skill levels as up to eight players use one or both boards of this two-board game.

Hot Dogs And Hamburgers! A Fractions Fast Food Trail Game is also for ages eight and up, and especially children in grades three through five. Players can choose to work on adding and subtracting fractions, identifying fractions or fraction word problems.

The Treasure Chest Multiplication Game, made for children in grades three to six, is based on the Battleship play strategy. Children compete on either side of a vertical grid by answering multiplication problems.

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