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addition and subtraction

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Mathematic Bus - Addition and Subtraction Game
Count the Apples - Addition and Subtraction Up to 10
Addition And Subtraction Strategies Poster Set
Solving Problems Two-Sided Dry Erase Boards Set
Rock, Paper, Scissors Math Game - Addition And Subtraction Through 20 - 1 game
Fact Families Math Mats - 24 mats
Fact Families Math Mats - 24 mats
$12.79 $15.99
You got 20% off!
Addition-Subtraction Words Activity Mats - 24 activity mats
Regrouping Mats And Manipulatives Kit - 4 mats and 216 chips
EZ Stick Jumbo Number Line - 66 pieces
Feed Me – Addition And Subtraction Chips - 100 chips
Math Twists™ - Addition And Subtraction Through Ten - 10 twisters
Slide And Learn™ Rekenreks - 12 rekenreks
Slide And Learn™ Rekenreks - 12 rekenreks
$11.99 $14.99
You got 20% off!
Addition-Subtraction Words Posters Set
Learning Success Kit - Kindergarten
KA-PING! Addition and Subtraction Through 20 Game - 1 game
Math Tools Fans - Intermediate
Learning Success Kit - First Grade
-20 To 120 Wall Number Line - 1 number line
Magnetic Ten Frame Boards - 4 boards, 100 magnets
Math Equation Sliders: Addition and Subtraction
Addition And Subtraction Dominoes - 54 dominoes
Addition And Subtraction Dominoes - 54 dominoes
$6.99 $14.99
You save: $8.00 (53.0%)
Learning Success Kit - PreK

Teaching your students addition and subtraction can be simple and fun when you use one of our many kid-oriented and Common Core-aligned tools and activities.

Engage Students with Math Games

Interactive games can be an engaging way to involve students in thinking about numbers and numerical functions. For young children, the Addition Tower and Task Cards is a fun, visual and tactile way for them to work with numbers, as they complete both word and equation problems using the plastic tower and spheres. Or how about our Ka-Ping! Addition and Subtraction Through 20 Game, a stimulating game where students earn chips by completing the problem on them? But drawing a KA-PING! chip means all their chips go back in the bag.

For students up to third grade, the Baseball Addition and Subtraction Math Spin Game helps them master unique addition and subtraction problems from zero to 20. As players round the bases, they collect baseball tokens for correct answers. The Scoops-Up Addition and Subtraction Ice Cream Trail Game also helps students practice zero to 20 addition and subtraction, but with a charming ice cream theme.

Products that Support Understanding and Practice

Grasping arithmetic concepts comes through a combination of understanding principles, like place value, skip counting and measurement, with doing lots and lots of practice. Our standards-based products help with both. For example, our Scaffolded Addition and Subtraction Magnetic Charts provide visual support for solving addition and subtraction problems. Durable and reusable, these magnetic sheets display different number combinations. Leave them up and build on them as the schoolyear goes on, to demonstrate a variety of ways to solve equations.

Another effective learning tool is the Jumbo Magnetic Ten-Frame Set, which comes with six ten-frames and 74 magnetic circles for kids to easily see and manipulate as they continue to work with numbers. This set is ideal for showing students important base-10 skills and allowing them visual and tactile practice with this concept.

Children explore and deepen their understanding of number relationships even further with our Number Bonds Answer Boards. Perfect for either small groups or individual students, these double-sided dry erase boards feature a blank number bond on one side and pre-printed spaces for writing fact families on the other.

Our addition and subtraction teaching tools can be demonstrated online for remote learners or used by parents for practice at home to support their child's growing mathematic skills. Like all basic skills, mathematics comprehension should be reinforced at an early age using products like these in order to ensure students' future success building on previously mastered concepts.