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addition and subtraction

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Math Mat Dice Games -Grades K-2 - 24 mats
Magnetic Modeling Number Line Kit 0-30 - 1 kit.
Math Twists™ - Addition And Subtraction Through Ten - 10 twisters
Scaffolded Addition And Subtraction Magnetic Charts - 4 charts
Addition And Subtraction Strategies Poster Set
Solving Problems Two-Sided Dry Erase Boards Set
Proportional Part-Part-Whole Flash Cards - 135 cards
Proportional Part-Part-Whole Flash Cards - 135 cards
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Feed Me – Addition And Subtraction Chips - 100 chips
Math Learning Journals™ - I Can Add And Subtract! - 24 journals
Addition And Subtraction Clip 'N' Check™ Activity - 21 cards, 36 clothespins
Addition-Subtraction Words Posters Set
-20 To 120 Wall Number Line - 1 number line
Math Tools Fans - Intermediate
Addition-Subtraction Words Activity Mats - 24 activity mats
EZ Stick Jumbo Number Line - 66 pieces
1-100 Magnetic Number Line - 20 strips, 4 frames
Number Line Pocket Chart With Cards - 1 pocket chart, 217 cards
Addition And Subtraction Fact Families Pocket Chart™ English/ Spanish Cards Refill - 164 cards
Magnetic Ten Frame Boards - 4 boards, 100 magnets
Learning Success Kit - Kindergarten
Pop For Addition And Subtraction™ Game - 1 game
Learning Success Kit - Third Grade

When teaching young students about addition and subtraction, you want to do more than stand in front of the class working on a whiteboard or handing out boring worksheets. Supplement your lessons with activities, games and tools that will engage students in learning. At Really Good Stuff, we understand what it takes to teach students all about adding and subtracting numbers. We’ve carefully curated our selection of supplies to help you make the most out of your next math lesson.

Addition and Subtraction Games

Interactive games are a great way to engage students in learning about addition and subtraction. We have tons of these games for you to add to your classroom. Not only will they come in handy during math lessons, but you can also break them out for kids to play during indoor recess. We have bingo games with options for both beginner and more advanced students. A stacking tile game will let them practice adding and subtracting numbers while competing with up to three other players to see who can make the highest stack. Other activities come in board game formats, and we even carry a fun card game designed to be played like War and math-inspired puzzles. With so many options, it’s easy to find games that will engage every student.

Help Students Master Math with Flash Cards and Dice

Students can work either independently or in groups with flash cards and dice that test their addition and subtraction skills. We have dice sets that come with classic six-sided dice, 12-sided dice and dice with addition or subtraction signs. Students just have to roll and solve the problem the dice land on. These dice also come with fractions and decimals to be used in later math lessons. If you want something even more engaging, we have Math Mat Dice Games that can be played with a set of dice and dry erase marker. You can never go wrong with a set of flash cards for students to run through in pairs, and we offer both addition and subtraction flash cards to help your students practice. With a wide selection of supplies at amazing daily prices, it won’t be hard for you to put together an engaging math lesson plan.