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pre-k essentials

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Get Moving Sticks - 36 sticks
Subitizing Dominoes - 54 dominoes
Alphabet Match Sticks - 104 sticks
Individual Student Supplies Kit - Intermediate - 1 multi-item kit
Individual Student Supplies Kit Elementary - 1 multi-item kit
Picture Sticks™ - Alphabet - 2 puzzles, 1 bag
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Picture Sticks™ - Alphabet - 2 puzzles, 1 bag
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Subitizing SWAT! - 1 game
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Activities for Kindergarten Readiness

Get your pre-Kindergarten child excited about learning with our pre-K learning games and activities. They're entertaining, stimulating and geared towards several specific Kindergarten readiness skills. Recognition and basic understanding of colors, objects, letters and numbers begins with at-home play in which children are challenged to make connections using simple, attractively animated pictures.

Puzzle stick games, like the Picture Sticks™ Colors and Picture Sticks™ Alphabet, are wonderful for pre-K children. Young ones love putting together happy scenes and pictures while learning colors, the alphabet and how letters are arranged to form simple, descriptive words. They'll also become familiar with the names of basic objects and activities during this early exploration of the world around them. (This includes enchanting animals they'll adore too!)

Games involving small groups, like the Whack-A-Letter Game, build a child's skill at connecting auditory and visual recognition of letters. Social interaction skills are also being forged as they learn to follow directions, take turns and be part of a group. In addition, eye-hand coordination is strengthened as they compete to be the first to whack the correct letter.

The same goes for our numbers games, including Subitizing Dominoes, Subitizing Swat and the Matching Scoops And Cones Activity™. All include vibrant, delightful images to captivate your child's imagination as they begin recognizing numbers and relating these to quantities of simple items. Playing within a group and being actively involved, as in the Swat game, is even more alluring to young children, who will enjoy the fast-action swatting required to win!

Build Learning and Close Bonding

Finally, for young children who can't seem to sit still for more than a few seconds — and that's almost all pre-Ks — we recommend our Get Moving Sticks, a simple game designed as an outlet for all that energy! You can invent group games using these sticks, too, which instantly get kids moving their bodies and expressing their creativity.

While as parents, we appreciate these pre-K learning games and activities because of the skills they're reinforcing. To the kids, though, they're just loads of fun.

And don't forget that participating with your children as they use these activities and games both helps their learning and supports close bonding between the two of you.