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fourth grade essentials

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Would You Rather...Opinion Writing Prompts - 18 cards
KA-PING! Multiplication And Division Game - 1 game
Really Good Tug-Of-War: Decimals - 1 game.
After Happily Ever After - 10 Book Set
Individual Student Supplies Kit - Intermediate - 1 multi-item kit
Individual Student Supplies Kit with Whiteboard - Intermediate - 1 multi-item kit

Keep your classroom or homeschool students involved, engaged and loving to learn with this selection of resources targeted to this grade level. Our fourth-grade teaching materials provide both learning and practice opportunities in the form of entertaining, engaging games and activities.

Encourage Students to Love Reading and Writing

Fourth graders will learn to enjoy reading — naturally leading to development of reading comprehension skills, vocabulary and spelling — when they pick up The Happily Ever After 10-Book Set. This clever, witty book series puts a new, humorous twist on the supposedly happy endings of several fairytale legends like Cinderella, Goldilocks and Rapunzel.

Give students invaluable writing practice with the Story Starters Flip Book and Would You Rather...Opinion Writing Prompts. Both of these offer tons of imaginative story prompts which captivate and inspire children to make up and write stories around the selected idea. With so many options, students have endless writing opportunities.

Fourth Grade Math Games

In fourth grade, students need plenty of practice on binary arithmetic operations and fractions, in addition to learning about decimals. Games help, like the KA-PING! Multiplication And Division Game, Really Good Tug-Of-War: Decimals, as well as the Fraction Street Activity. Simple, attractive and enjoyable, these games engage students in trying to win, requiring them to use and practice their math skills. The Really Good Tug-Of-War: Decimals is particularly effective in helping children understand decimals, as players compare the numerical, written or expanded form of decimal numbers on the cards.

For practice in division, the Division Facts Practice - Mental Math Sticks™ offer a way students can focus on division facts, while checking for accuracy via a puzzle reveal on the back of the sticks.

Building Future Scientists

Exploration of science continues in the fourth grade, including physical science. The Science Sorts™ - Rocks activity is an excellent way for children to learn about rocks as they sort 40 different types based on whether they're metamorphic, sedimentary or igneous.

Another fabulous introduction to chemical reactions and polymer science is Larry's Lab - Polymer Science Kit, a fascinating and comprehensible way that kids can learn some basic chemistry. Larry the polymer scientist (a shark, lizard or frog) introduces five experiments that will fascinate your students. This entertaining set encourages an interest in science that may someday lead to a future researcher who cures diseases or unravels other mysteries of the universe!

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