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fifth grade essentials

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Really Good Tug-Of-War Decimals, Fractions, And Percents - 1 deck
KA-PING! Multiplication And Division Game - 1 game
Would You Rather...Opinion Writing Prompts - 18 cards
Far Out Fairy Tales - 8 Book Set
Individual Student Supplies Kit - Intermediate - 1 multi-item kit

Fifth grade students, whether homeschooled or in a traditional classroom, are at a point where many aspects of their learning thus far in reading/writing, math and science are coming together. At the same time, greater depth and analysis in all areas pose more academic challenges.

Captivating Chapter Books and Writing Prompts

By now, your students are enjoying reading chapter books, further strengthening all their language arts skills. The Far Out Fairy Tales Eight-Book Set is a cleverly written, entertaining set to have in your classroom, consisting of modern spins on fairytale classics which are sure to captivate any fifth grader.

Working on writing skills is simple when students have a variety of story prompts. Both the Would You Rather...Opinion Writing Prompts and Story Starters Flip Book provide numerous effective launching points for children to create stories and develop critical thinking skills as they express their own opinions and ideas.

Games and Practice to Support Math Fluency

With more complex mathematical manipulations and new concepts being introduced, our fifth-grade teaching materials include products targeted toward expanding students' math fluency. The well-designed Mixed Operations - Mental Math Sticks™ offers practice in equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages, which they can check for accuracy via a puzzle reveal on the back of the sticks.

Other games that entertain while providing important practice in arithmetic operations are the Rock, Paper, Scissors Math Game - Multiplication and Division, KA-PING! Multiplication and Division Game, plus the Really Good Tug-Of-War Decimals, Fractions and Percents.

More Wonders of Science

To keep your fifth graders' fascination with science alive and flourishing, make sure you have engaging class resources, including Steve Spangler's Naked Eggs And Flying Potatoes Book, full of entertaining and highly visual science experiments that involve ordinary household items. Introduce basic life science concepts with Life Cycles - Six-Book Set, which relate how various creatures are born, grow and reproduce, and how their lives are tied to their habitats.

Another classroom science must-have is Larry's Lab - Polymer Science Kit, a captivating and comprehensible kit that includes five exciting experiments geared toward chemical reactions and polymer science.