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arts and crafts essentials

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Crayola® Conical Tip Markers Classpack® – Regular, Set of 256
Colorations® Big Bag of Pom-Poms - 1 lb. Value Pack
Colorations® Large Wood Craft Sticks - 500 Pieces
Colorations® Extra-Long Sturdy Recycled Craft Rolls – Set Of 24
Colorations® Real Photo Animal Foam Stickers - 250 Pieces
25 Assorted Paint Brush and Applicators in a Cylinder
100  Assorted Paint Brush and Applicators in a Cylinder
Colorations® 8" x 10" Canvas Panel Classroom Pack - 30
Colorations® Washable Chubbie Markers - Set Of 8
Colorations® Black Wiggly Eyes - 1,000 Pieces
50 Assorted Paint Brush and Applicators in a Cylinder
Colorations® Glitter Pony Beads - 1 lb.
Colorations® Colored Pencils - Set of 36

Whether you're homeschooling, teaching in a classroom, or simply a parent who loves engaging in creative projects with your kids, craft supplies are at a continual demand. That's why our arts and crafts supplies for children are sold in large volume and always at a reasonable price.

Create and Decorate

For bold, large-surface coloring projects, try Colorations® Washable Chubbie Markers, which come in eight vibrant colors. Besides the huge advantage that they are washable, these markers won't dry out when the cap is removed, and they have a generous supply of liquid color, so they'll last a long time.

Since all children love to decorate things, get a supply of our Colorations Real Photo Animal Foam Stickers, which includes an amazing 250 stickers that can be used for making animal scenes or story boards.

For animal, doll, puppet and other projects, you'll love the 1000-piece bag of Colorations Black Wiggly Eyes in the most popular size.

Colorations Glitter Pony Beads in sparkly clear, pink, purple, green, blue and yellow, are perfect for stringing into jewelry, keychains or ornaments, in addition to numerous other uses limited only by your and your child's imaginations. Or how about our one-pound Colorations Big Bag of Pom Poms in an assortment of sizes and fun colors, for all kinds of artwork and craft ideas?

Don't forget that doing crafts not only inspires children's creativity and pride in what they've made, but helps with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Basic Project Starting Materials

For more basic supplies for any cool craft, we offer Extra-Long Sturdy Recycled Craft Rolls, Large Wood Craft Sticks, colorful Paper Art Straws, and a 30-pack of 8” x 10” Canvas Panels, all quality-made by Colorations.

Enjoy time with your children — away from video games, television or cellphones — by working with them on a craft project. The artistic renderings resulting from these entertaining sessions will be theirs to look at indefinitely, as a happy reminder of your time together.

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