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Group Materials Caddies™ With Label Holders - Set Of 6
Group Materials Caddies™ With Label Holders - Set Of 6
$159.99 $199.99
20% off Price Drop item!
On-The-Go Caddy - 1 caddy
EZCarry™ Supply Caddy
EZCarry™ Supply Caddy
$25.07-$26.39 $31.34-$32.99
20% off Price Drop item!
Multi-Use Storage Caddies Single Color Set Of 12
On-The-Go Caddies With Primary Self-Adhesive Vinyl On- The-Go Helpers - 6 caddies, 6 Helpers
Group Materials Caddy™ - 1 organizer
Group Materials Caddies™ With Label Holders - Set Of 4
Group Materials Caddies™ With Label Holders - Set Of 4
$110.39 $137.99
20% off Price Drop item!
Colorations[r] Paint Cup Caddy
Individual Supplies Bundle - Group Color
3  Items Included
3-Compartment Caddies - Set Of 6 - Grouping
Multi-Use Storage Caddy Single Color - 1 caddy
On-The-Go Caddies With Intermediate Self-Adhesive Vinyl On-The-Go Helpers - 6 caddies, 6 Helpers
3-Compartment Caddies - Set Of 12
Four Equal Compartments Caddies - Set Of 12
Six-Equal-Compartment Caddies - Single-Color Set Of 12
Store More® Wire Works Classroom Supply Caddy - 1 caddy, 6 cups
Four-Compartment Caddies - 12 Pack
4-Compartment Caddies - Primary -Set of 4
Universal Rolling Cart and Canvas Organizer - Blue/Grey
Four-Compartment Caddies - Neon Colors - 4 caddies
Price Drop
Four-Compartment Caddies - Neon Colors - 4 caddies
$18.99-$19.99 $23.74-$24.99
20% off Price Drop item!
Universal Rolling Cart and Canvas Organizer - Black/Grey
3-Compartment Caddies - Set Of 4 - Primary
Six-Equal-Compartment Caddies - Set Of 5
Out Of Stock
Four-Equal-Compartment Caddies - Neon Pop - Set Of 6
Advantages of Classroom Table Caddy Use

Caddies are truly a teacher’s friend, offering both organization and storage capability in multiple compartments sized just right for smaller items. Really Good Stuff has great-quality caddies that can turn every desk, table or rug into a clean space for working and learning. Our sturdy plastic caddies, all with handles for portability, bring order and productivity to your classroom in a rainbow of bright colors.

Portable Classroom Table Supply Caddies

Get caddies for classroom tables in color-coded sets that allow you to immediately identify either the caddy contents or the student color group you’ve assigned. Caddies in different colors are available in sets of four colors, six colors and even 12 different colors. Of course, depending on how you use your caddies, our single-color 12-packs can be perfect as well.

The other major differences among caddies are the number and size of their compartments. We have a variety of options in this regard, including three-compartment, four-compartment and six-compartment caddies. With caddies that offer variously sized compartments, you can store both small and larger items accordingly.

Regardless of size or number of compartments, each school caddy is designed with a rugged handle that ensures reliable portability for years and years of use.

Unique Caddy Designs

In addition, Really Good Stuff offers some specialized types of caddies and space-saving caddy accessories. Consider the Four-Compartment Caddies and Stand Set, which provides a strong stand to conveniently store caddies between use. For a clever dual-purpose caddy set especially geared to intermediate grades, order the On-The-Go Caddies with Self-Adhesive Helpers — six blue or black caddies with vinyl curricular reference helpers for display on the outside of the caddies. Or how about stocking your class with safe, blunt-tip scissors in their own storage caddy with the Classroom Scissor Caddy and 24 Scissors?

Browse all our caddy products for inspiration in transforming clutter and chaos to efficiency and education. Because as teachers, isn’t that what we do?