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kindergarten essentials

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Learning Success Kit - Kindergarten
Excellerations Kindergarten Readiness Kit - 1 kit
Get Moving Sticks - 36 sticks
Toobaloo® - 1 Unit
Monkey Matching Letter Puzzles - 26 puzzles
Sight Word Construction Activity - 1 game
Individual Student Supplies Kit  Elementary - 1 multi-item kit
Animal Habitats Puzzles - 5 puzzles
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Engaging Activities to Teach Letters and Spelling

Whether you're homeschooling or teaching in a classroom, use these Kindergarten spelling and math games and activities to strengthen your child's letter, number, color and shape recognition, as well as to teach them basic language and arithmetic skills. Students also hone their visual, tactile and auditory modes of learning through routine practice with these sets.

Whether Useful for working with individual students or in small groups, our child-oriented activity sets and games are attractive and enticing, encouraging kindergartners to participate, play and gain skills.

Whether For letters and beginning reading, the Sight Word Construction Activity, Picture Sticks™ Shapes Kit, Monkey Match Letter Puzzle, and EZread™ Color-Coded Plastic Magnetic Letter Kit are effective, engaging ways to have students play and learn at the same time.

Whether Bright-colored, animated pictures of cute animals, objects, shapes and activities help students spell out their first words to identify what they see. Practicing letters hands-on with the magnetic letter kit encourages them to try to spell new words, and the knowledge they gain is reinforced through this creative, tactile experience.

Hands-On Mathematics Learning

Our mathematics activities, full of colorful pictures and bold numbers, are inviting to children, challenging them to match numbers to quantities of objects and to begin learning basic addition and subtraction. The Addition Tower and Task Cards will delight students as they figure out addition problems by placing plastic spheres into the top of the cleverly designed tower. The game cards include word problems, further helping to build students' reading ability. With activities like this, having fun and strengthening new skills become one and the same.

When your Kindergartners' attention spans are nearing an end, bring out the Get Moving Sticks for a well-deserved change of pace. The movement, laughter and play always created using this game will give your class a wonderful chance to release their boundless energy, play in a group, and most of all, enjoy being a kid!