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kindergarten essentials

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Toobaloo® - 1 Unit
Really Good Stuff® Get Moving Sticks - 36 sticks
Monkey Matching Letter Puzzles - 26 puzzles
Individual Student Supplies Kit  Elementary - 1 multi-item kit

Kindergarten Classroom Essentials at Really Good Stuff

Kindergartners are a fun bunch to teach: The wonder and the excitement of all their new experiences and school adventures are positivity palpable. They’re open and ready to learn and experience the whole school experience like "big kids," which makes your choice of kindergarten stuff extra important. Whether you're homeschooling or teaching in a classroom, our Kindergarten Classroom Essentials, tools and activities are age-appropriate for young kids who are just beginning their educational journeys.

Specific Age Level Products

Kindergarten is the time when you build upon those fundamental skills of spelling, math games and language arts. We have a great selection of activities that will strengthen your child's letter, number, color and shape recognition, as well as teach them basic language and arithmetic skills. Our kindergarten classroom essentials will also hone their visual, tactile and auditory modes of learning through routine practice.

Group or Individual Settings? Check!

Our kindergarten products, curriculum items and supplies are ideal for use when either working in groups or in one-on-one interactions with individual students. These kindergarten-age child-oriented activity sets and games are attractive and enticing, encouraging kindergartners to participate, play and gain valuable skills that’ll last a lifetime.

Games, Fun and More

Beginning readers will benefit from our Sight Word Construction Activity, Monkey Match Letter Puzzle and more. Each one of our kindergarten-focused products are effective, engaging ways to have students play and learn at the same time. Whether they’re full of brightly colored, animated pictures of cute animals or are fun games and activities incorporated into age-appropriate activities that teach objects and shapes, your students will have fun learning, playing and sharing what they see. Practicing letters hands-on with the magnetic letter kit encourages them to try to spell new words; the knowledge they gain is reinforced through this creative, tactile experience. There are so many unique ways for kindergartners and new learners to absorb their lessons. Really Good Stuff has a ton of great options that will cater to every type of learner.

Hands-On Mathematics Learning

Our mathematics activities are full of colorful pictures and bold numbers. They invite children to participate and challenge them to match numbers and to begin to learn basic addition and subtraction. The Addition Tower and Task Cards will delight students as they figure out addition problems by placing plastic spheres into the top of the cleverly designed tower. The game cards include word problems, further helping to build students' reading ability. With activities like this, having fun and strengthening new skills become one and the same.

Kindergarten Essentials at Great Prices

Really Good Stuff offers an unparalleled selection of products that are designed for your students’ educational needs as they move throughout their educational adventures. From pre-K and kindergarten stuff to middle school, we have all of those must-have classroom products needed to make learning fun — and affordable! Our easy-to-navigate website is laid out in such a way that it is easy to find what you’re looking for by price, by age range or by brand (including Really Good Stuff exclusives that you’ll find only here!). We’ve made it even easier for you to find the products you need: check out our individual student supply kits that include everything needed throughout the year to be successful and well-equipped.

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