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sixth grade essentials

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Math Skills And Strategies Flip Chart - Intermediate - 1 flip chart
Would You Rather...Opinion Writing Prompts - 18 cards
Really Good Tug-Of-War: Simple Algebraic Equations - 64 cards
Individual Student Supplies Kit - Intermediate - 1 multi-item kit

Sixth grade is a year of significant transition for students, whether in homeschool or classroom learning settings. Challenges are rigorous as children use the concepts they have learned in the earlier grades and apply them to more complex tasks. They are also called upon to be more independent in their studies.

Deeper Levels of Language Use

Really Good Stuff® offers language arts materials for reading stimulation and writing inspiration. The Far Out Fairy Tales Eight-Book Set is an entertaining, well-written series to have in your classroom, consisting of modern spins on fairytale classics which sixth-graders will love.

Hone your students' skills in writing mechanics and critical thinking with Would You Rather...Opinion Writing Prompts, which supplies them with plenty of creative writing prompts and also challenges them to practice supporting their opinions and ideas. More imaginative and stimulating writing prompts are available in the Story Starters Flip Book.

Math Activities Aligned with Common Core Standards

With mathematical standards at this level including number sense and operations, basic algebra, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, and functions and probability, our sixth-grade teaching materials include games and activities such as Key Words - Mental Math Sticks™ and Really Good Tug-Of-War: Simple Algebraic Equations.

The Math Sticks assist students in answering math word problems, providing practice with key vocabulary they will need to figure out the solutions. Really Good Tug-of-War is an enjoyable game where players are challenged to solve algebraic equations for x.

Our Elapsed Time Task Cards, aligned to Common Core math standards, are an excellent way for children to practice time calculations using story problems with a missing start time, end time or elapsed time.

Life and Physical Science Classroom Resources

Life science teaching continues with A Walk Book Set, which covers facts about the life and environment of six North American biomes. For delving into some physical science — chemical reactions and polymers — we suggest Larry's Lab - Polymer Science Kit, a kit that includes all materials and instruction for five very visual experiments.

Don't forget to get your copy of Fire Bubbles And Exploding Toothpaste Book, another of Steve Spangler's fascinating collection of 35 experiments using common materials, including step-by-step instructions and understandable explanations of the science behind each.

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