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social studies & history books

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Who Are, Who Was, Where Is, What Was In American History - 10-book set
Who Was/Is. . . Biographies - 12-Book Set
What Was/Is...? Set 3 - 8 Books
Harriet Tubman: Freedom Fighter - Paperback Book
Exploring Government 5-book set
Who Was? Books - Set 3
Martin Luther King Jr.: A Peaceful Leader Paperback
Who Was? Books - Set 2
Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race
Frederick Douglass: The Lion Who Wrote History - Hardcover Book
Life Around The World Books - 6 Titles
Introducing Primary Sources: U.S. Symbols 9-Book Set
Who Was? Complete Book Set - 29 Books
Out Of Stock
Who Was? Books Set 1 - 9 Book Set

Discover the fascinating world of social studies and history with our collection of books at Really Good Stuff®. Our carefully curated selection is designed to engage students, inspire learning, and foster a love for history. Provide your students with the tools they need to understand the past and make connections to the present.

Explore Geography and Culture with Our Diverse Collection

Discover the wonders of our countries with our Countries of the World book set. Students will learn about continents, countries, and natural resources while developing a deeper understanding of the world and its diverse cultures. Encourage exploration and curiosity with our wide range of engaging learning materials.

Historical Events and Biographies - Learn from the Past

Inspire your students with stories of historical events and the lives of influential figures. Our collection of biographies and event-focused books provide valuable lessons about perseverance, leadership, and the impact of decisions on history. Empower students to learn from the past and apply these lessons to their own lives.

Teacher Resources - Support for Social Studies and History Education

Find the perfect resources to support your classroom instruction, including teacher guides, lesson plans, and supplementary materials. With Really Good Stuff's collection of social studies and history resources, you'll be well-equipped to foster a love of learning in your students. Shop now and transform your classroom experience!

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