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mental health

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Social-Emotional Learning Coloring and Activity Book - Set of 12
Calming Jar Kit - 1 multi-item kit
Be The Best You Can Be Logs - 12 journals
When I Am Frustrated Card Set
Well-Being Log - Set of 12
Tactile Breathing Copecake Cards - 6 cards
Social Skills Discussion Cards - 20 cards
Let's Take A Mindful Minute Poster - 1 poster
Mindfulness Activity Cards - 40 cards
Sensory Worry Stones
Coloring Book and Reflections for Social Emotional Learning
Ready-To-Decorate® Growth Mindset Proud Of My #SELFIE Posters
Calm Down Tools - 6 tools and storage bin
Social-Emotional Learning Classroom Pack
Empathy Discussion Card Set
Social Distancing and Personal Space Conversation Cards - 18 cards
Growth Mindset Folders
Growth Mindset Trail Game
Spanish Breathing Star (Estrella de respiración) - Set of 6

Mental health is a hot topic for educators because of the pressures students face from all directions. Stress at home, anxiety about academic performance, and social pressures can affect children of all age groups, leading to frustration, behavioral changes and other issues that impact learning.

Really Good Stuff offers teachers a range of lesson plans, discussions and interactions to promote mental health awareness. Shop by age, grade level or brand to find materials to keep your class on track for success and wellbeing.

Understanding Emotions

Students may act more mature than they are, and in a world where they grow up so fast, teachers can help them slow down and recognize their emotions. When students learn self-awareness, they have the tools they need to advocate for themselves.

Stock your class environment with mental health materials, including games, discussion cards, and other activities that encourage students to learn more about themselves and normalize conversation beyond core school subjects. We even have resource books for teachers to help them introduce and reinforce mental health concepts to students of all ages.

Creating a Mindful Atmosphere

When teachers look beyond a child’s academic performance and behavior, they can see the value of working with each student to identify their learning style. Our mindfulness lessons and resources help you achieve an open, accepting environment for children to be authentic.

Mindfulness, after all, is a practice, and by encouraging your class to look within, they can develop emotional intelligence that will serve them well in life beyond a school campus. Check out our mindfulness journals, coloring books and posters to let your students know that education includes more than tests and grades.