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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!

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Complete Learning Packages for All Ages

Sometimes you just find products that make your life a heck of a lot easier. Either they help out with a specific struggle in your classroom setting or they present effective solutions to pain points, there are products that just work, like our handy Curriculum Kits from Really Good Stuff. We think that these kits are some of those products that will help you and your kids make the most of out their classroom and homeschool learning.

Kits for All Ages: Kindergarten Learning Kits On Up

Welcome to our collection of curriculum and learning kit packages, where you’ll find dozens of classroom curriculum kits at Really Good Stuff, as well as home teaching packages for parents. Our "kindpendence" kits include kindergarten homeschool product kits that keep young ones engaged and active whether they’re working alone or in a group. We carry plenty of packages for kindergarten curriculum kits and elementary schoolers as well, including StoryTime Science™ biology labs, ELA readiness kits and Spanish-ESL curriculums. Each kit contains a variety of activities and other age-appropriate products to stimulate a child’s mind and help get those ideas, concepts and facts to stick. Looking for great options to help keep inquisitive minds active during the summer months? Check out our Summer Learning Kits, which help them stay sharp between school years and help to ease that sometimes-rocky transition into the next grade level.

Learning Kits with Supplemental Materials

Our learning kits have everything you need to pull off a great lesson at home or in the classroom and to give extra support to students who might need it. Curriculum packages come with materials that are developed, written and implemented by teachers as well as essential supplies like books, journals, dry erase boards, flashcards and games that make learning fun. Cover multiple topics with cross-curricular 3rd-grade homeschool curriculum kits or narrow it down to a specific subject with which your student or child struggles, such as literacy, science and numeracy. When a child needs some extra help grasping important concepts, our Bridge the Gap kits are great solutions.

Learn with the Family

What’s more fun than learning? Getting parents and siblings involved! Family engagement curriculum kits are some of the best ways to inspire young minds, even after they take the bus home. Students can practice writing, work on multiplication tables, explore the sounds of science or perform water magic within their household. All materials and instructions are included to get them started. Homework has never been so exciting!

More Fun & Less Stress

Shaping young minds is a challenge you gladly accept. In the past, teachers have had to find, collect and reproduce the curriculum, tools and materials that have worked the best for them. Really Good Stuff is a revolutionary source for everything teachers need to be successful that has been a go-to for over 25 years. We believe that there is no need to make teaching unnecessarily difficult. Our unique curriculum kits are must-haves in all teacher record books if you want to get the most out of a lesson. Need help finding what is best for your kids? Give us a call! We are here to help you determine and then implement your goals for the school year. Let’s make this the best year ever!