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reading 3 – 6

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Magnetic Prefix, Base Word, and Suffix Tile Kit
Comprehension Cubes 4-Pack
Reading Comprehension Flip Chart - 1 chart
Who Was/Is. . . Biographies - 12-Book Set
After Happily Ever After - 10 Book Set
Jumbo Comprehension Inference Cubes - 4 cubes
Comprehension Graphic Organizers Dry Erase Boards Set
Comprehension Graphic Organizer Dry Erase Boards Text Evidence Set
Reading Genres 10-in-1 Poster Set

Reading Grades 3 to 6

Good reading habits and skills start early, which is why a foundational reading curriculum is so important in your classroom. When early readers and early primary school kids are ready to move on to higher levels and more challenging activities, Really Good Stuff has you covered with Reading Essentials for Grades 3 through 6. These activities build upon what they’ve learned in Phonics and Reading for Pre-K through 2nd grade and continue to develop the skills they need to succeed.

Unique, Age-Appropriate Activities

Our unique activities that offer age-appropriate lessons and activities for intermediate ages from grades 3 to 6 can be tailored to each individual student’s educational needs. From flip charts and comprehension cubes to magnetic word-building trays that bring out the imagination in your kids’ learning experiences, there are so many hands-on ways for kids to gain the skills necessary to move on to middle school and high school-age lessons. Colorful and engaging products have been developed by former teachers and educational experts and are teacher-approved to help kids learn at their own pace. Use these grade 3 to 6 reading products in centers, in specific reading units or as an independent quiet activity for children who need a little extra challenge.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve been alongside teachers across the country for almost three decades, providing them with the tools necessary to develop skills that will last for a lifetime. Reading is a fundamental skill that will benefit children throughout their entire lives, so begin with a good, high-quality products that will challenge and engage them. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all our products and we are always here to help when you have a question or you’re in a pinch.

A Well-Stocked Classroom: Really Good Stuff

Shop our other great teacher essentials for everything you need to build a well-stocked classroom. It’s not all about reading, either: Check out our other subjects, such as Writing and Vocabulary K through 2 or grades 3 through 6, Social Studies, SEL, STEM and more. We also offer a plethora of free resources that you can use to mix up your routine; they’re available for all ages and grades as well as special occasions and subjects.