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third grade essentials

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Story Prompt Sticks - 135 sticks
After Happily Ever After - 10 Book Set
Map Skills – Missing Puppy Game - 1 board game
Would You Rather...Opinion Writing Prompts - 18 cards
Daily Response Sticks - 60 sticks
Individual Student Supplies Kit  Elementary - 1 multi-item kit

Building vocabulary and writing skills, developing skill with binary arithmetic operations, mastering more complex practical abilities, and continuing to explore science are all facets of third-grade educational standards. Our assortment of homeschool or classroom activities and practice resources are targeted to all these learning goals while at the same time providing enjoyment and challenge to students.

Reading and Writing – Beyond the Basics

The Happily Ever After 10-Book Set puts a new, humorous twist on the supposedly happy endings of several fairytale legends like Cinderella, Goldilocks and Rapunzel. Kids will love these amusing stories, which help them learn to enjoy reading, as well as build their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.

The Story Prompt Sticks and Would You Rather...Opinion Writing Prompts are activities that assist your students in becoming better writers, both technically and creatively. Also, students will have fun coming up with answers to the Daily Response Sticks as new dimensions of meaning become attached to what was previously simple recognition of words and phrases.

Delving Deeper into Math

With the challenges of fractions and multiplication at this level, our third-grade teaching materials include the Sketch-A-Fraction Cards and Fraction Street Activity. Both are colorful, engaging games that kids will enjoy completing, individually or in small groups, while learning about fractions at the same time.

For practice in understanding number place values and learning the multiplication tables, keep sets of the Place Value Activity Cards and Multiplication Facts Practice - Mental Math Sticks™ on-hand for regular use by your students.

A Game of Math and Mapping

Practical skills and some mathematics concepts are acquired and reinforced through the Map Skills – Missing Puppy Game. Your class will be intrigued as they search for missing puppies, which involves skill-building in measurement, understanding a compass, approximation and following directions.

Fun Science Demos

As far as science, let Larry the polymer scientist (a shark, lizard or frog) introduce chemical reactions and polymer science to your students. The Larry's Lab - Polymer Science Kit is a fascinating and comprehensible way that kids can learn some basic chemistry, with five kid-impressive experiments included in each kit. With these types of captivating science experiences, there's bound to be a future award-winning scientist in your class!

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