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12" Audible Time Timer® - 1 timer
Multifunction Timer - 1 timer
Classroom Clock Out Clipboard - 1 set.
Really Good Fluency Timers - Set Of 6
8" Audible Time Timer®
3" Audible Time Timer® - 1 timer
Classroom Timer/Noise Meter - 1 timer/noise detector
Fluency Timer - Classroom Pack (24 timers)
Water Wheel Timer - 1 timer
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Help your students achieve better task management with these timers for teachers and students from Really Good Stuff®. This collection includes a wide variety of timer sizes and styles, including large timers for classrooms and small handheld timers. You can use these handy gadgets for timed testing, skills practice and other learning activities. Use it yourself or have students time one another for an interactive assignment. Start shopping now to learn more about our selection of classroom timers and discover the perfect fit for your needs as an educator.

Teaching with Timers

Putting a time limit on a task can make many learning opportunities more exciting. Whether they’re working on their fluency capabilities or playing an educational game, a teacher timer can be just what the activity needs to increase student engagement. Putting a time limit on a project or game can also help students to concentrate on the task at hand.

And with many types of timers from which to choose, teachers can get creative in how they incorporate these devices into their lesson plans. At Really Good Stuff®, you’ll find multiple timer format, including electronic timers, sand timers, water wheels and more. You can control one large timer for classroom-wide activities or hand out individual student timers so they can keep track on their own.

Timers for Test Taking

Another reason you may be in need of timers for teachers is to administer a timed test. This can be a difficult challenge for some students, and one way to help level the playing field is to use a timer with a visual and/or audio aide. For example, you can use a clock that shows how much time has passed and how much time is left so students can gauge their progress throughout the test. Some timers also give audible notifications when a certain amount of time is left so students can respond accordingly. Shop at Really Good Stuff® today to find the best selection of high-quality timers for any classroom.