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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!

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Jumbo Classroom Sand Timer 1 Minute
Really Good Stuff® Calm Down Tools - 6 tools and storage bin
Excellerations® Sand Timers - Set of 5
Excellerations® Slim Liquid Timers - Set of 3
8" Audible Time Timer®
8" Audible Time Timer®
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Excellerations® 5 Minute Sand Timer
Water Wheel Timer - 1 timer
Water Wheel Timer - 1 timer
$4.99 $5.24
You save: $0.25 (5.0%)
12" Audible Time Timer® - 1 timer
Multifunction Timer - 1 timer
Excellerations® Oval Liquid Timers - Set of 3
Classroom Clock Out Clipboard - 1 set.
Sensory Jumbo Ooze Tube - 1 tube
Really Good Stuff® Fluency Timers - Set Of 6
Jumbo Classroom Sand Timer 5 Minutes
Reset Spot Kit
Jumbo Classroom Sand Timer 3 Minutes
Jumbo Classroom Sand Timers Set of 3
Excellerations® Small Liquid Timers - Set of 3

Cool Classroom Timers at Really Good Stuff®

Class timers help kids stay on task, mark a definitive end to class stations and activities, and help to eliminate objections. Our class timers are available in many different styles, making it easy to find the right fit for your classroom needs.

Time Management and Task Management Skills

Improve your classroom task management with individual, handheld student timers or large class timers that keep everyone on track. You can use these handy gadgets for timed testing, skills practice, and other learning activities. Take a set of small, handheld class timers on field trips, outdoors for school or P.E. activities, or for recess. Our classroom sets of timers can help students focus on an activity or strive for achievement with a timed goal. Use class timers yourself to help manage your tasks better or have students time one another for interactive assignments.

Teaching with Timers

There are so many distinct advantages to putting a time limit on a task. Whether kids are working on their fluency capabilities or playing an educational game, a teacher timer can be just what the activity needs to increase student engagement, focus, and excitement. By using a teacher timer, you can set clear parameters that give your students a goal to accomplish. Putting a time limit on a project or a game can also help end the timed project with little hassle by clearly defining start and stop times before the project begins.

Get Creative with Lesson Plans with Timers

Choose from audible timers, digital timers, liquid or sand timers, and other unique time-telling devices. Get creative with how you incorporate time management into your classroom. For younger children, we have jumbo classroom sand timers that offer an element of play. These durable sand timers are easy for small children to flip and come in a variety of colors. Our fluency timers have color-coded buttons and can count up or down. They work great as individual student timers. For a pop of color, our liquid timers, available in three distinct shapes, provide a fun outlet that pairs well with science experiments, transition times, and more. Need something that promotes a sense of peace and mindfulness in the classroom? The water wheel timer is a soothing alternative to the beeping of classroom stopwatches. These are just a few of the creative varieties we offer at Really Good Stuff.

Products for Teachers and Homeschoolers

Our products are handpicked by former teachers, so we understand the unique needs of teachers and students. Shop class timers as well as other teacher supplies, such as desk and office supplies, arts and crafts products, dry-erase boards, folders, and other classroom organization products. You’ll enjoy our Satisfaction Guarantee with every purchase, and you’ll appreciate our comprehensive inventory just waiting to be explored.