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first grade essentials

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Math Mats Dice Games – 12 Mats
Individual Student Supplies Kit  Elementary - 1 multi-item kit
Really Good Stuff® Tap And Write CVC Words - 120 cards
Really Good Stuff® Crack The Code CVCC Word Puzzles
EZread™ Magnetic Word Building Kit - 1 tray, 52 letters
Tap and Write  Missing Numbers - 123 cards

First Grade Essentials at Really Good Stuff

Reaching all of those important first grade milestones is easy with help from Really Good Stuff. We’ve gathered some of our favorite First Grade Essentials and learning tools that are both educational AND fun — a winning combination that will help them start their learning adventures on the right foot. Help develop homeschool or classroom students' language and math skills with colorful, engaging puzzles, games and activities. Brightly animated and sturdy, these first-grade English and essential math games will last through countless student practice sessions, while you watch them meet and master grade-level standards.

Letters, Words and Spelling Activities

Crack The Code CVCC Word Puzzles or Tap & Write CVC Words with unique flip-style books are easy to follow and easy to handle for smaller hands. These items include excellent activities for teaching letter recognition and spelling of basic three- and four-letter words. Attractive, colorful pictures are provided as clues for children to recognize, name and spell. In the Sight Word FREEZE! Card Game, students are paired with a second player to compete, recognize and spell a variety of small words. Give kids the delight and the stimulation needed with this invaluable social interaction game in this unique and fun learning experience.

The EZread™ Color-Coded Plastic Magnetic Letter Kit is a classroom must-have for first grade and early learning classrooms. This learning tool allows students to play with letters independently and explore as they build and create new words.

Science and Natural History

As your students' basic skills become better mastered, using the Science Sorts™ Animals Set is a great way to introduce some science and natural history into the curriculum, piquing and encouraging children's interest in the world around them.

Math Games and Challenge Activities Kids Will Love

Essential math games and math activities include What's Cookin'? Math Food Pairs Matching Game, Math Mat Dice Games, Hexagon Puzzles, plus Addition and Subtraction Through 20 - Mental Math Sticks™. All these hands-on math activities pose unique and engaging ways for students to become familiar with numbers and to practice simple addition and subtraction with numbers up to ten. Need more of a challenge? Double-digit numbers that use blocks of ten plus single numerals are also introduced with practice questions for those kids who need a bit of extra challenge. The beauty of these products is that they can be tailored to individual skill levels.

Warm Up, Chill Out and Calm Down

To warm up before or cool down after lessons, use the Carpet Mark-Its Move and Groove! Task Cards Kit. This game adds movement to math learning, allowing kids to hop, skip, jump, tap and swing their way through basic math practice.

Shop By Grade Essentials at Really Good Stuff

We consider ourselves your learning partner in the classroom. As former teachers, we’ve collected great options and stuff for first graders that will help shape this integral learning period in their lives. As your students progress, check out our other classroom curriculum products and parent essentials that include everything from learning space essentials and essential math games for first grade to family learning and engagement kits.

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