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social distancing supplies

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Social Distancing Classroom Products

Keeping safe distances and practicing good hygiene in cold and flu seasons have always been a unique challenge in classrooms. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken these measures and precautions to a new level! New challenges are now a reality and innovative new options are essential to ensure the safety of your students — and yourself! As teachers ourselves, we know how resilient and resourceful teaching professionals must be during these times. That’s why we’re here to help you adapt to changing guidelines and safety requirements with items we think will really help solve social distancing challenges in your classrooms. In our Social Distancing Class Supplies selection, you’ll find everyday essentials you need to create a safe, distanced classroom for your students with great prices that teachers and schools love.

Flexible Workspaces and Safety Shields

With students back in the classrooms, it’s imperative to take certain social distancing precautions. To keep students safely apart, you might have to get creative with flexible workspaces during reading, movies or free time. Whereas desk dividers and privacy shields were once used for test-taking and shared desks, they have now taken on entirely new purposes. Our flexible workspaces are easy to assemble and fun for students, establishing their own personal spaces and keeping them safe from airborne particulates and germs at the same time. When sitting at shared tables or desks, see-through privacy shields and desktop barriers separate students while still allowing them to see each other. During lineup times, floor markers provide fantastic visuals that help you keep your students safely distanced.

Individual Supplies

With COVID-19, it’s important that students don’t share supplies. We have a range of options to help you stay organized and give each student individual supplies. Storage caddies, baskets and folding pouches will all get the job done. Get creative with nameplates and have kids create their own nametags to keep track of what items belongs to who.

Sanitation Stations and Posters

School is not just for academic learning — it’s also for learning important social skills and life lessons that will last a lifetime. COVID safety, best practices in handwashing techniques and other important hygiene reminders are especially important during these times. Posters and wall decals can be placed around the classroom to remind students about the correct way to wash their hands, to remind them to use hand sanitizer and to reinforce social distancing protocols during social distancing classroom activities. At the beginning of the year or when students return from breaks, conversation cards and our unique health and hygiene products are a great way to give students refreshers on appropriate behavior. These cards include prompts about what to do when other students sit too close or break social distancing rules to help with students’ SEL skills.

Sanitation Organization and On-the-Go Items

We have mobile sanitation stations that can be set up anywhere in your room to give students one place to access PPE. Bins can hold hand sanitizer, tissues, disinfectant wipes and any other important cleaning materials. To help keep you and your students safe, we also carry face coverings for both adults and children, as well as gallon jugs and spray bottles of hand sanitizer. Really Good Stuff is your go-to for teacher supplies and other practical products that make it easy to turn social distancing into a fun challenge for your students. Each product comes with our Satisfaction Guarantee, and you can contact us at any time for questions.