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addition and subtraction

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12 Sided Dice - 6 Pack
Addition 0-12 Flash Cards - 94 Flash Cards
Ten-Frame And Part-Part-Whole Two-Sided Dry Erase Board Set
Plastic Magnetic Number and Symbols Kit
Excellerations® Primary Math Kit - Kit of 4
Really Good Stuff® Math Fusion Journals - Set of 12
Excellerations® Natural Math Kit - Kit of 4
Excellerations® Wooden Abacus - Natural
Really Good Stuff® Rock, Paper, Scissors Math Games - 8 Games 800 Chips
Learn Well® Number Trays and Loose Parts Set - 640 pieces
Learn Well® Number Tray Operations - 5 pieces
Really Good Stuff® Rock, Paper, Scissors Math Game - Addition And Subtraction Through 100 - 1 game
Addition And Subtraction Through 20 Gumball Facts Game - 4 mats, 80 chips
Subtraction Slope Numeracy Center™ - 1 numeracy center
KA-PING! Addition and Subtraction Through 20 Game - 1 game
Really Good Stuff® Math Tools Fans - Intermediate
Math Facts Dry Erase Boards  Addition And Subtraction  Set Of 6
Fact Family Dry Erase Boards - Addition And Subtraction - 6 boards

Teaching your students addition and subtraction can be simple and fun when you use one of our many kid-oriented and Common Core-aligned tools and activities. We offer a variety of addition and subtraction math resources for students at the preschool level up through elementary school. Find great tools that reinforce crucial math skills through fun games, hands-on activities, and engaging addition and subtraction manipulatives.

Engage Students with Math Board Games

Interactive addition and subtraction board games can be an engaging way to involve students in thinking about numbers and numerical functions. For young children, the Trash-It™ Subtraction Activity board game is a fun, visual, and tactile way for them to work with numbers, as they move tokens to complete subtraction problems with engaging visuals. Or how about our Ka-Ping! Addition and Subtraction Through 20 Game, a stimulating game where students earn chips by completing the problem on them?

For students up to third grade, the Baseball Addition and Subtraction Math Spin Game helps them master unique addition and subtraction problems from zero to 20. As players round the bases, they collect baseball tokens for correct answers. Addition and subtraction board games like these excel at teaching key math concepts because they pair education with popular pastimes and other interests that students find engaging.

Products that Support Understanding and Practice

Grasping arithmetic concepts comes through a combination of understanding principles, like place value, and skip counting with doing lots of repeated practice. Our standards-based products help with both. For example, our Scaffolded Addition and Subtraction Magnetic Charts provide visual support for solving addition and subtraction problems. Durable and reusable, these magnetic sheets display different number combinations. Leave them up and build on them as the school year goes on to demonstrate a variety of ways to solve equations.

Another effective learning tool is the Jumbo Magnetic Ten-Frame Set, which comes with six ten-frames and 74 magnetic circles for kids to easily see and manipulate as they continue to work with numbers. This set is ideal for showing students important base-10 skills and allowing them visual and tactile practice with this concept.

Our addition and subtraction activities and teaching tools can be demonstrated online for remote learners or used by parents for practice at home to support their child's growing mathematical skills. Like all basic skills, mathematics comprehension should be reinforced at an early age using products like these in order to ensure students' future success by building on previously mastered concepts. At Really Good Stuff®, we understand that every child learns and grasps concepts in their own way, which is why we offer such a wide range of addition and subtraction manipulatives and board games. Find the perfect fit for your students, and watch them excel at math while having fun in the process!

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