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FFREE SHIPPING on orders over $49 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $49!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $49!

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social-emotional learning

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Positive Affirmations Display Cards-Set of 45
Class Expectations Jumbo Poster - 3 banners
Reset Spot Mini Poster Set
Behavior Management and Expectations Posters - Set of 6
Behavior Management and Expectations Posters - Set of 6
$11.46 $17.10
You save: $5.64 (33.0%)
Positive Affirmation Chips - Set of 100 in 50 Unique Designs and Sayings
Behavior Management Flip Chart - Primary - 1 flip chart
Behavior Management Flip Chart - Primary - 1 flip chart
$13.50 $26.99
You save: $13.49 (50.0%)
Mini Behavior Trackers - 12 trackers
Deluxe I Need Help! Mini-Flip-Charts Set
We Have A "Monstrously" Good Behavior! Clip 'N' Track System
Go For It Chips – Set of 100 with 50 Unique Messages
Behavior Management Posters - 4 posters
Classroom Behavior Tracking Kit - 1 multi-item kit
Behavior Focus Pocket Chart and Cards - 1 pocket chart, 31 cards
Handheld Flip Chart - Behavior Management
Climbing To New Heights Pocket Chart - 1 pocket chart, 42 cards
Learning Goals Pocket Chart™ - 1 pocket chart, 14 cards
Our Class Management Pocket Chart™ - 1 pocket chart, 188 cards
Behavior Focus Pocket Chart Cards - 31 pocket chart cards
Behavior Focus Pocket Chart Cards - 31 pocket chart cards
$14.99 $20.73
You save: $5.74 (28.0%)
Climbing To New Heights Pocket Chart Cards Refill - 42 cards
Behavior Management Chart – Reaching Good Behavior Kit
Behavior Management Chart – Reaching Good Behavior Kit
$9.99 $11.29
You save: $1.30 (12.0%)
Self Management Classroom Bundle
13  Items Included
Behavior Management for the Classroom
4  Items Included
Little Enlightenments Pocketful of Sunshine Cards – Set of 40

Classrooms have evolved to meet student’s ever-changing educational needs. Being a teacher means covering lessons that involve more than just mathematics and reading. Influencing young minds means teaching them essential behavioral and emotional skills that will follow them into adulthood.

Students are exposed to various cultures and individuals in school, and having the skills and knowledge to navigate and understand their changing world is essential. Not only do these skills improve student behavior, but they also teach them valuable coping skills that help them complete assignments or deal with people.

The basics, including reading writing and mathematics, are still the foundations of a good education, but to ensure your kids are successful in the classroom and beyond, they need to learn social-emotional skills as well.

At Really Good Stuff®, we carry the supplies, kits and resources you need to teach your students in kindergarten and up all about growth, resilience, empathy and positivity.

Social-Emotional Learning Resources and Kits

Our SEL resources and kits come with everything you need to put together lessons about self-care, mindfulness and more. These kits include essentials like posters, instructional guides for teachers and students, calm down tools and movement cards.

Every student is different, so having a variety of items to choose from to ensure student success is beneficial. Our SEL kits come with tools needed to teach kids how to recognize and express their needs. Sliding gauges allow students to express how they’re feeling non-verbally and coping guards provide them with short activities they can do when feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, like taking a walk. We also have yoga chips that will give students a way to work out their restlessness.

Other kits have a more narrowed focus that is still related to SEL. Growth mindset kits come with tools to help teach kids about setting goals, working hard and keeping a positive attitude. These come with journals, fun pencils and a bulletin board set. You can also teach your kids all about being a good influence with role model kits that focus on positive behavior and leading by example.

For many students, dealing with feelings is new and uncomfortable. Ensuring they understand what’s happening and have the ability to express themselves will allow them to stay focused on assignments and create an environment that is conducive to all students learning.

Hands-On Activities and Projects for Students

We also carry activities and projects that help actively engage students in learning about important topics such as diversity, meditation, self-care, empathy and kindness.

Support SEL development with crafts like calming jars, which give students a fun project to make that can be used as a new coping skill when they become frustrated or upset. Social skills board games give students a chance to play together while learning about morals, friendship, showing emotions and more. You’ll also find tools to help students manage emotions like stress balls, sensory and fidget toys, guided yoga sets and breathing stars.

As former educators, we fully understand the importance of social-emotional learning, and we’re here to help with any problems you might face. Teaching these invaluable skills may be new to you as well, but you don’t have to go it alone. At Really Good Stuff®, our dedicated customer service staff is available Monday through Friday by phone or live chat.