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summer learning kits

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Summer can be an incredibly exciting time for students and parents alike. Not only do you get to spend more time together, but your schedule also isn’t as stringent as it is during the school year.

However, if there’s a downside, it’s the fact that the months off in the summer can result in a Summer Slide. In essence, this is a loss of knowledge that was learned during the school year. It occurs because students aren’t putting the skills and lessons that were learned in the classroom to use during the break.

Thankfully, there’s a way to combat the Summer Slide, and that’s by using summer learning kits.

Keeping Your Kids Sharp

No one said that learning over the summer had to be tedious or hard. In fact, with the right learning supplies, it can be a lot of fun. At Really Good Stuff®, our kits have been developed and approved by former classroom teachers, so your child will be learning and retaining information that will help them in the next school year and beyond.

The lessons have also been created so that they can be taught by anyone. You don’t need a teaching degree to keep your kids’ skills sharp, and everyone can enjoy the lessons at the same time. With summer kits for students that range from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade, you’re sure to find the right product that will help your child grow academically while outside of the classroom.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a kit that includes items to help with reading, writing and math for your child who is going into second grade, a pack to help maintain and/or improve ELA skills, or products to help with homework, we have the items you need to help your child succeed over the summer.

Learning Should Never End

Schools and classrooms are ideal places where learning can and should take place, but your home should also be an environment that fosters education, especially over the summer when your child isn’t at school. The right kits can ensure that learning never ends and that the process is engaging and entertaining.