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new social-emotional learning

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Learning Success: Grade 2 - Reading, Math, and SEL
Learning Success: Grade 3 - Reading, Math, and SEL
Learning Success: Grade K - Reading, Math, and SEL
Really Good Stuff® Learning Success: Grade 1 - Reading, Math, and SEL
Be The Best You Can Be Logs - 12 journals
Noise Muting Headphones - 1 headphone
Really Good Stuff® Emotions and Feelings Coloring Book-12 Pack
Really Good Stuff® Inspirational Sensory Cards – Set of 24
Squish Donut 3" – Set Of 12
Weighted Lap Puppy - 5lbs
Excellerations Sensory Geometric Shapes Set of 12
Excellerations® LED Light and Bright Panel
Sensory Ball Deluxe Texture Kit
Bouncy Band® Puppy Sensory Vibrating Neck Pillow
Emoji Feelings Cards - Laminated - Set of 12
Weighted Snake, Frog and Lizard
Sandtastik® Neon Play Sand Value Pack - 20 lbs.
Classroom Expectations And Behaviors Journals - 24 journals
Excellerations® Large Liquid Tiles - Set of 4
Sandtastik® Colored Play Sand – 10 Pounds
Weighted Compression Vest - Medium

Looking for more social-emotional learning activities to engage your children? Our new social-emotional learning products feature the latest offerings at Really Good Stuff®. Find fantastic social-emotional learning books, toys, and other materials that can help your children develop important life skills and learn about themselves. From socialization to self-esteem and managing emotions, the latest social-emotional learning products cover a range of activities important to the development of young minds.

Find SEL books sold individually or in sets. Some of our book sets come with social-emotional learning dolls that help children better understand the different emotions they may be experiencing, as well as how to manage these emotions.

We also offer a line of Excellerations® Sustainably Harvested Rubber Wood Emotion Stools and Tables designed with soothing colors. Emotions stools include images of facial expressions that can get children talking about social-emotional learning topics. Order our emotions stools and tables in sets of two, three, or four stools. Tables can be aligned to create a creative yin and yang symbol. Other social-emotional learning materials include an assortment of sensory and fidget toys, affirmation and motivational posters, and SEL kits that offer helpful activities and lessons.

Shop our newest SEL materials today, and better prepare your young children with important life skills.