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Excellerations® Preschool Math Kit – Sorting and Patterning
Excellerations® Magnetic Foam Shape Building – Set for 4
Really Good Stuff® My Shapes Journals - 12 journals
Really Good Stuff® My Shapes Journals - 12 journals
$16.19 $17.99
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Excellerations® STEM Math Light Table Activity Set
Giant Magnetic Shapes - 47 Pieces
Building Shapes Activity - 16 cards, 100 straws, 3 lbs. dough
Excellerations® Translucent Geo Boards - Set of 6
Excellerations® Plastic Pattern Blocks - 250 Pieces
Excellerations® Primary Math Kit - Kit of 4
Excellerations® Color and Light Matrix
Excellerations® Shapes and Counting Pizzeria
Feed The Spider - Shapes Match Numeracy Center™ - 1 numeracy center
Excellerations® Natural Math Kit - Kit of 4
Excellerations® Plastic Links - 500 Pieces
Cylinder Blocks 4 - Short to Tall
Spindle Box
Spindle Box
Excellerations® Sequencing Bead Activity Set
Excellerations® Size and Shape Puzzles - Set of 6
The Brown Stairs - Montessori Materials
Cylinder Blocks 3 - Width and Height
Set of Knobless Cylinders
Cylinder Blocks - Set of 4 for Visual Discrimination of Size
Dive Into Shapes Geometry Set
Out Of Stock

At Really Good Stuff®, we offer a variety of geometry manipulatives and tools that help children from preschool through elementary school recognize, explore, and understand key geometry concepts. Our selection of geometry classroom supplies offers plenty of opportunities for children to discover and fully grasp important lessons through hands-on manipulatives and reflective activities.

Engaging Geometry Classroom Supplies

Task cards can help children practice and reinforce critical geometry concepts through problem-solving and challenges. Board games and math geometry puzzles provide great opportunities for shape recognition, as well as concepts of sequencing. Items like Excellerations® Geoboards promote early STEM, introducing children to patterning, counting, and spatial relationships, which build the foundation of skills that lead to a better understanding of geometric concepts later. Other geometry manipulatives encourage children to duplicate shapes or patterns through the use of tiles and cards or by folding objects, which can help students grasp concepts related to volume, perimeter, and area. Whatever your need, our geometry classroom supplies cover many core concepts through activities that are focused, educational, and, most importantly, fun!

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