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Toobaloos® - Set Of 12
So Sweet! Positive Behavior Jar - 44 magnets
Classroom Behavior Tracking Kit - 1 multi-item kit
Really Good Stuff® First, Then System - 2 boards, 66 cards
Really Good Stuff® Mindfulness Activity Cards - 40 cards
Token Boards - 2 boards, 32 cards, 49 tokens
Really Good Stuff® Visual Support Folder And Cards - 1 folder, 85 cards
Morning Meeting Chips - 40 chips
Really Good Stuff® The Power Of Yet! Mini Flip Charts - 12 mini flip charts
Toobaloo® - 1 Unit
Daily Response Sticks - 60 sticks
Really Good Stuff® When I Am Frustrated Card Set
Really Good Stuff® When I Am Frustrated Card Set
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Really Good Stuff® Deluxe I Need Help! Mini-Flip-Charts Set
Classroom Clock Out Clipboard - 1 set.
Student Response Fans - 12 fans
Mini Behavior Trackers - 12 trackers
Learning Goals Pocket Chart™ - 1 pocket chart, 14 cards
Tactile Breathing Copecake Cards - 6 cards
"Express Yourself" Silicone Bracelets - 24 bracelets
Accountable Talk Sentence Starters - 18 sentence strips

Communication is Necessary for Growth

Along with identifying our thoughts, feelings and needs, being able to communicate them clearly and properly is vital for personal progress. This applies to everyone, whether adult or child, and it is especially true for special needs children. Recognizing how essential it is that children master communication basics, Really Good Stuff presents these teacher-recommended activities, displays and classroom tools to help. They can also be used in both distance learning and traditional classroom scenarios.

Help Students to Identify and Express Feelings

To facilitate kids' recognition of feelings, the How I Feel Today Mirror offers a creative way in which children can be encouraged to be aware of their current state of mind. Identifying and talking about how they feel in an atmosphere of support promotes kids' positive self-image. The Understanding Feelings Set is another fun and interactive way for children to learn about and express emotions.

Effectively stimulate student discussion among groups or the entire class with our Morning Meeting Chips. With 40 unique, kid-friendly questions, the chips prompt children to talk about themselves, their family or ideas, which allows others in the class to get to know them better. This game is a great icebreaker at the beginning of a new schoolyear.

Teaching students to let you know what they need without causing distractions is another area where our products can provide solutions. The Deluxe I Need Help! Mini-Flip-Charts Set and Student Response Fans are great ways to train children to express themselves without interrupting others, as well as to be patient while waiting for teacher acknowledgment.

Communicate Your Class Expectations

Speaking of communication, being clear with students about your behavioral and academic expectations of them is so much easier with Really Good Stuff products. Check out our numerous class and individual student behavior trackers, engaging pocket charts for progress on goals, and cleverly designed strategy tools for rewarding positive behavior.

Browse the variety of communication-builders we offer and consider the ways you can use them to get your students thinking, talking and expressing themselves — appropriately!