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Light Up Frog Egg Ball
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Sensory Gel Ballz - Set of 5
Out Of Stock
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Excellerations® STEM Color-Changing Sensory LED Light Box
Light Up Construction Bricks Set of 12
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Noise Muting Headphones - 1 headphone
Sensory Disc 5-Pack
Light Up Tactile Glow Spheres
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Light Up Molecule Ball
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Silent Calm Down Tools
Reset Spot Rug
Excellerations Large Liquid Tiles Set of 4
Excellerations Large Liquid Tiles Set of 4
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Breathing Star Tactile Cards - 6 cards
Confetti Tentacle Ball
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Mindfulness Kit - 1 multi-item kit
Weighted Blue Lizard
Sensory Glitter Storm Set
Breathing Star 2-Pocket Folders - 12 folders
Turtle Seat™ - 16" Azure
Calm Down Tools - 6 tools and storage bin
Excellerations Sensory Geometric Shapes Set of 12
E.Z.C. Reader Strips™ - 30 strips
Bouncyband Wiggle Seat Sensory Cushion
Calming Twists
Turtle Seat™ - 12" Blue

Find useful teaching tools and classroom supplies for students with special needs when you browse through this collection at Really Good Stuff®. Our online special needs catalog includes a range of items that can help kids feel more comfortable and supported at school. From useful educational activities to furniture accessories, these products cover a variety of student needs to make sure every child can learn and grow in your classroom. Shop through our collection to discover dozens of inclusive resources for teachers at a variety of grade levels.

Solutions for Students

Every classroom should be a fun, educational and adaptable environment for students of all abilities. With these special ed resources and materials, teachers are better able to customize their lesson plans and activities to suit every kid in class. You can find items to assist with learning differences, including instructional aids that are designed to provide extra guidance through certain subjects. For kids with sensory sensitivities, we offer items to create a quieter atmosphere with fewer distractions. Our collection includes plenty of products that provide a non-intrusive way for kids with anxious energy to relieve stress while working or listening. You can tackle a number of teaching challenges with the help of these special needs student resources.

Help Every Child Learn

Each of these items can help your students to get the most out of every day spent in school. By offering helping products to assist with special needs, you can make sure each student feels appreciated and encouraged. In addition, inclusive classroom resources like these are vital for creating a better learning environment for the entire class. When kids of different needs and ability levels can work together, it provides benefits for every student you teach. Shop at Really Good Stuff® today to find the best selection of special needs supplies for classrooms.