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vegan leather

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30" x 60" Low Activity Table with Floor Seating Cushions
Round Cushions  Set Of 6  Single Color
Round Cushions Set Of 6 Single Color
You save: $30.02 (21.0%)
26" Round Bean Bag - 1 beanbag
Drop Ship
Soft Sofa Seating Special Offer - Includes: MHPT443, MHPT972, MHPT973, and MHPT974
SoftScape Classic 26" Junior Bean Bag - Gray/Light Gray
SoftScape Classic 26" Junior Bean Bag - Navy/Powder Blue
SoftScape 18" Round Ottoman 12" Height - Gray
Environments® Nature Sit Me Up - Blue
Modular Sectional Sofa - Gray
Teacher Kore Chair - 1 chair
Modular Sectional Corner Seat - Gray
SoftScape 15" Round Floor Cushions, 4-Piece - Navy/Powder Blue
SoftScape Bean Cushions, 4-Piece - Vintage
Excellerations® Activity Mat
Excellerations® Activity Mat
$269.00 $303.84
You save: $34.84 (11.0%)
MyPerfectClassroom™ 2" Germ-Free Two-Tone Blue Rest Mat
SoftScape 18in Round Ottoman - 4-Piece
SoftScape Bean Cushions, 4-Piece - Contemporary
SoftScape Dew Drop Bean Bag - Navy/Powder Blue
Angeles 2" Super Rest Mat - 1 mat
SoftScape Dew Drop Bean Bag - Gray/Light Gray
Rolling Seat And Storage Bin - 1 seat
Modular Sectional Chair - Gray
Jonti-Craft® Read-A-Round Island - 2-piece unit
1" Germ-Free Rest Mat - 12-Pack

Vegan leather furniture is a great choice for schools, classrooms, or educational programs looking to be more ethical and conscientious in their furniture choices. At Really Good Stuff®, we offer a variety of vegan leather furniture for children in preschool or early education up through early elementary school grades.

Durable, Comfy, and Ethical

Many of our vegan leather furniture options are made with a soft polyurethane material that has the feel of leather but is easy to clean and extremely durable. We offer a variety of pieces, like our vegan faux leather bean bag chairs or germ-free rest mats, in a range of colors. Find soothing earth tones or contemporary greens, blues, purples, and even rainbow-colored! Our vegan leather furniture carries a large assortment, so you can mix and match the perfect pieces to fit your classroom’s theme or style.

For that classic leather look, some of our vegan leather sofas and chairs are available in brown or tan. These faux leather furniture pieces look like the real deal and can add an earthy tone to your classroom.

Stock Up on Vegan Leather Furniture Essentials

Whether you’re looking for comfy vinyl bean bag chairs for the classroom or designing a reading space complete with a cozy cove and a library nook with storage space, our vegan leather offerings can fulfill your needs. Make the ethical choice with easy-clean vegan leather products made from non-animal materials.