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trikes & ride-on toys

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ClassicRider® Toddler Super Cycle
Angeles® MyRider® Mini Pusher
Angeles® MyRider® Scooter
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Angeles® MyRider® Easy Rider
10" ClassicRider® Trike
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MyRider® 3-Wheel V Scooter
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Angeles® MyRider® Mini 10" Trike
Angeles® MyRider® Tandem Trike
Angeles® MyRider® Chariot
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Angeles® MyRider® Maxi 14" Trike
12" Angeles® SilverRider® Trike
Angeles® 8" ClassicRider® Toddler Trike
Angeles® 10" ClassicRider® Toddler Trike
14" Angeles® SilverRider® Trike
8" Angeles® SilverRider® Toddler Trike
ClassicRider® Super Cycle
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Angeles® ClassicRider® 8" Push Trike

Children’s Ride-On Toys, Trikes & Accessories

Active play is important for any age — and children’s ride-on toys are one of the best ways to help toddlers and young kids get moving. Many youngsters are enthralled by these miniature versions of the vehicles they see their parents using every day. Incorporating children’s ride-on toys into your space develops many lifelong skills, including gross and fine motor skills, balance, spatial awareness, self-confidence, and a sense of exploration. Plus, outdoor riding toys make for a fun activity!

At Really Good Stuff®, you can get the best children’s ride-on toys and trikes for schools and early education programs at the best prices. These active kids’ toys are perfect for ages six and under to use during recess or gym class.

Active Learning for Kids

Dozens of outdoor riding toys are available from the top toy and education brands. The classic playground tricycle is a kid’s favorite, and we carry them in many sizes and colors. Fun variations on the mini trike include the Super Cycle with an oversized front wheel plus the tandem trike and pedal-powered chariot that let students take a friend for a ride. With its heavy-duty rubber handgrips, the push trike is another fun playground riding toy that helps kids develop their motor skills while giving them the freedom to roam around.

There are many other types of children’s ride-on toys, too. Order mini scooters, trucks, and ATVs to excite young minds. Keep your students safe while they motor around with accessories like helmets. Want to enhance your children’s experience? Pair playground riding toys with a light-up stoplight, and watch as your students take heed of traffic rules.

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