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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79 OR $5 Flat Rate on orders under $79!

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Relaxable Stars Squishies 12 Pack
Really Good Stuff® Fidget Twists™ - 10 twists
Super Sensory Classroom Kit
Really Good Stuff® Calm Down Tools - 6 tools and storage bin
Excellerations® Classroom Sensory Kit
Calming Twists
Sensory Disc 5-Pack
Bouncy Band® SensiPod Desk Fidget
Helix Fidget Toy
Mini Porcupine Ball Assortment - 72 Pack
Bright Mini Puzzle Cubes - 12 Pack
Gyrobi Fidget Toy
Really Good Stuff® Fidgets Pencils Classroom Pack
Excellerations® Sensory String Fidget - Set of 12
DNA Lab Slow Rise Ball - 1 ball
DNA Lab Slow Rise Ball - 1 ball
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Stress Silly Face Balls - 12 balls
Sensory Worry Stones
Finger Fidget Stones Set Of 12
Loopeez Silent Fidget Toy - 1 fidget toy
Excellerations® Calm Down Fidget Kit - 16 Pieces
Hand Held Fidget Kit - Set of 5 Fidgets
Excellerations® SEL Pop Fidgets - Set of 4
Flexygon - Endlessly Flexible Finger Fidget
Tangle BrainTools Imagine

Support your students' concentration and stress relief with our collection of fidgets at Really Good Stuff®. These sensory tools are designed to provide a tactile experience that aids in focus, reduces anxiety, and fosters a positive learning environment.

A Variety of Fidget Tools

Our wide range of fidget tools includes fidget spinners, stress balls, sensory rings, and more. These tools come in various shapes, sizes, and textures to cater to each student's unique sensory needs, ensuring a more inclusive and supportive classroom experience.

Discover our Sensory Fidget Assortment, featuring 228 pieces of various fidget tools designed to cater to every child's unique needs. At Really Good Stuff, we offer fidgets in all different sizes and shapes, including balls, stars, finger fidgets, spinners, and light-up fidgets. This diverse selection ensures that every student can find the perfect fidget to help improve focus and relieve stress. Our Sensory Fidget Assortment is an excellent resource for creating a more inclusive and supportive learning environment, tailored to the individual needs of each child.

Ideal for Classroom Learning

Fidgets are an excellent resource for in-person learning environments. By providing students with a discreet, non-distracting way to self-regulate, fidget tools can help improve focus and overall academic performance.

Affordable and High-Quality

At Really Good Stuff, we're committed to offering educators affordable, high-quality resources. Our collection of fidgets is no exception, providing you with budget-friendly options to support your students' needs.

Discover Our Fidget Collection Today

Browse our extensive selection of fidget tools and find the perfect fit for your students. Enhance their learning experience, promote focus, and create a calmer, more inclusive classroom environment with fidgets from Really Good Stuff.