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second grade essentials

1-10 of 10 items
Science Sorts™ - Habitats - 40 sticks, 1 box
Word Building Sliders: Blends and Digraphs - 27 sliders
Prefix, Suffix, And Base Word Puzzles - 24 puzzles
Story Prompt Sticks - 135 sticks
Regrouping Mats And Manipulatives Kit - 4 mats, 216 chips
Build-A-Word-Family Activity - 20 puzzles
Math Skills and Strategies Flip Chart - Primary
Individual Student Supplies Kit  Elementary - 1 multi-item kit

Watch children achieve and surpass grade-level standards with effective games and activities from our assortment of second grade teaching materials. Whether you're homeschooling or teaching in a classroom, you'll find wonderful ideas to keep your students challenged and engaged in learning.

Building Longer Words and Creating Stories

The sets at this level continue to build on language skills, including strengthening spelling and vocabulary, learning about word families (Build-A-Word-Family Activity), and building longer words with prefixes and suffixes (Prefix, Suffix, And Base Word Puzzles). The Word Building Sliders: Blends And Digraphs is a clever way to work on building words from consonant blends, and to broaden vocabulary. The activities can be practiced independently, in pairs or in small groups, and they are designed so students can self-check the correct answers.

The Story Prompt Sticks set is another appealing language activity that gives students the opportunity to be creative storywriters, with prompts to get them started.

Manipulating Numbers and Practical Mathematics

Teach and practice second-grade math skills with attractive, vibrantly colored activity sets. Students learn more about larger numbers and how they can be grouped into smaller number categories and manipulated (Regrouping Mats And Manipulatives Kit). What's Cookin'? Math Food Pairs Matching Game teaches children how to tell time from a clock, as well as add/subtract two-digit numbers.

Practical abilities such as counting money and skip counting by two, five, 10, 20 or 100 are skills gained from the Number Match Puzzles™ Counting Money To $5. The Math Skills And Strategies Flip Chart is also a valuable, comprehensive resource for students that includes easily comprehensible methods for completing a number of basic mathematics skills (e.g. word problems, measuring and sorting, reading graphs, adding and subtracting, and basic geometric shape recognition).

Keep Students Moving and Engaged

As a warm-up before or cool-down after lessons, students will love using the Carpet Mark-Its Move And Groove! Task Cards Kit. This game adds movement to math learning, allowing kids to hop, skip, jump, tap and swing their way through basic math practice that includes skills such as skip counting, adding, subtracting, 10 more/less, odds/evens and more. Suggestions for use are included.

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