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rewards and incentives

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Got GRIT? Pencils  12 Pack
Have A Mindful Day! Stickers - 36 stickers
Dr. Seuss™ Hats Off To You! Recognition Awards - 36 awards
Be A Role Model Pencils  12 Pack
Friendship Fairy Stickers  36 Pack
Friendship Fairy Stickers 36 Pack
$3.14 $4.49
You save: $1.35 (30.0%)
Dr. Seuss™ Magnetic Bookmarks - 50 bookmarks
Celebrate STEM! Earn-And-Return Cards - 70 cards
Friendship Fairy Pencils 12 Pack
Cool 2 Code™ Certificates - 24 certificates
Dr. Seuss™ Classroom Incentive Kit - 1 multi-item kit
Celebrate STEM! Crowns - 24 crowns
Celebrate STEM! Homework Passes - 50 passes
Price Drop
Celebrate STEM! Homework Passes - 50 passes
$4.79 $5.99
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Hello Kitty Wearable Hats - 24 hats
Cool 2 Code™ Crowns - 24 crowns
Cool 2 Code™ Crowns - 24 crowns
$4.99 $11.99
You save: $7.00 (58.0%)
"Express Yourself" Silicone Bracelets - 24 bracelets
Celebrate STEM! Certificates - 24 certificates
Price Drop
Celebrate STEM! Certificates - 24 certificates
$4.79 $5.99
20% off Price Drop item!
Early Childhood Treasure Kit – Set Of 6
So Sweet! Positive Behavior Jar - 44 magnets
Whole-Class Visual Schedule Pocket Chart and Cards - 1 pocket chart, 27 cards
Classroom Helpers Pocket Chart and Cards - 1 pocket chart, 69 cards
Star Student Kit
Out Of Stock
DNA Lab Slow Rise Ball - 1 ball
Stress Silly Face Balls - 12 balls
Black and White Collection Happy Birthday Awards - 30 awards
Recognize educational achievements with fun rewards and incentives for students from Really Good Stuff®. This collection includes a wide variety of affordable and meaningful prizes that kids will love. By honoring their performance and conduct, you can motivate your students to focus on their school work and exhibit good behavior in the classroom. Get inspired with new ideas for inspiring your students when you shop on our website for unique student rewards.

Student Incentive Ideas

Your classroom should be a place where students feel motivated to work hard and behave well. Although those standards are expected of every child, it’s worth noting when someone goes above and beyond. Giving out rewards, incentives or prizes encourages students to continue doing well in school. It can also provide a little extra fun and excitement into some of your lessons. Try handing out bookmarks for students who reach a certain reading benchmark. Place stickers on a chart to acknowledge good behavior in class. Hand out toys, bracelets or other accessories for students who have reached an academic goal. These small yet significant gestures are sure to be remembered by your students.

Budget-Friendly Classroom Supplies

When you shop at Really Good Stuff®, your budget won’t take a big hit. Our rewards for students are priced affordably, so you can stock up on plenty of prizes to get you through the school year without having to make sacrifices elsewhere. Many of our classroom incentives come in packs with multiple items, making it easy to dole them out over the course or several weeks or months. Shop for affordably priced teacher resources on our website today to find the best rewards for your students. These unique products offer an effective way to make sure your students try their best in school.