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Ready-To-Decorate® Growth Mindset Proud Of My #SELFIE Posters
The Power Of Yet! Mini Flip Charts - 12 mini flip charts
Growth Mindset Affirmations 12-In-1 Poster Set
Ready-To-Decorate® 3-D Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Set
Ready-To-Decorate® 3-D Growth Mindset Flowerpots
Growth Mindset Pencils
My Sight Word Journals - Words 1-50 - 12 journals
Growth Mindset SUCCESS! Poster
Ready-To-Decorate® Spanish Growth Mindset Proud Of My #SELFIE Posters (#Autofoto de Autoconfianza)
Growth Mindset Mini Stickers
Growth Mindset Mini Stickers
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Growth Mindset Lined Journals
Growth Mindset Lined Journals
$24.39 $30.49
You save: $6.10 (20.0%)
Growth Mindset Rug
Growth Mindset Silicone Bracelets
Diarios de Mentalidad de crecimiento (Spanish Growth Mindset Journals)
Build Your Own Flip Books™ - Growth Mindset
Ready-To-Decorate® Growth Mindset Desktop Tents
Growth Mindset Folders
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Growth Mindset Kit - Classroom
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In order to succeed, your students need the right mindset. Even with a lot of talent and natural ability, a negative mindset can easily set students back. With a positive mindset focused on growth, dedication and resilience, students will be able to tackle any challenge that comes at them—both inside the classroom and out of it. At Really Good Stuff®, you’ll find the resources and supplies you need to put your students in a positive mindset.

Growth Mindset Classroom Theme

A growth mindset will teach students that they can achieve their goals as long as they work hard, stay positive and don’t give up. It also focuses on helping others achieve their goals and measuring success based on growth. If you want to help your students approach learning and obstacles with positivity and perseverance, then a growth mindset classroom theme is a great idea.

At Really Good Stuff®, we’ve curated a selection of growth mindset products for you to give your students and decorate your classroom. Hang encouraging posters around the room to remind students about all the work that goes into meeting goals and personal growth. You can even have students decorate their own growth mindset posters with their names, pictures, facts about themselves and their goals for the year. You can also encourage a positive mindset with pencils, folders, journals and badges. All these supplies are also available in Spanish for bilingual or ESL students.

Keep it Positive with the Power of Yet

One way to keep students positive is by reframing what it means to need help or not understand something. Instead of leaving it at just “I don’t understand” you can push for growth by saying “I don’t understand, yet.” Our Power of Yet! line puts an optimistic twist on asking for help. Give students flip charts so they can signal if they’re ready for a new challenge, still trying on their existing challenge or don’t yet understand the work. This makes it easier for students to ask for help and puts them in a better mindset that focuses on growth instead of “failure” while doing so.