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pencils and accessories

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Colorations® Primary Pencils - With Erasers, Set of 144
Colorations® Wooden Desktop Organizer - Set of 12
Cat In The Hat Box Of 144 Pencils
Colorations® Primary Pencils - Without Erasers, Set of 12
Colorations® Blank Stamp Pads - 6 Pieces
I Am 100 Days Brighter Pencils - Set Of 144
Colorations® Primary Pencils - Without Erasers, Set of 144
Colorations® Regular Crayons, 8 Colors Value Pack - Set Of 800

Make sure your classroom is well-stocked with the essentials by ordering fun pencils and accessories from Really Good Stuff®. Our selection of pencils includes a wide variety of unique designs to choose from. Whether you use them yourself or hand them out to students, you’ll love that these decorative pencils and accessories feature high-quality designs that hold up well to frequent use in a busy classroom environment.

Perfect Pencils for Your Classroom

Make writing and completing assignments a celebration with our assortment of fun pencil designs. You’ll love our pencils that send positive messages to students and help them celebrate special events, like our happy birthday pencils. Other options have cool features, like educational information, cool colors, or even pleasant scents. Keep extra pencils on hand to give out to students who need a spare, or give them away as rewards for good behavior in class or excellent performance on a test or quiz. There are many fun ways to incorporate these personalized student pencils and teacher pencils into your daily lesson plans. Since they’re essential writing utensils, they’ll encourage your students to complete classwork on time and with a can-do attitude.

Useful Pencil Accessories

In addition to our student pencils, you’ll find a wide variety of fun extras for your classroom. You can set up pencil dispensers and pencil sharpeners to help students be prepared for each day’s work. Pencil sharpeners like our Geoshapes line come in a variety of shapes and colors that add a fun sensory element for children. In addition, creative pencil toppers add a little extra personality to their writing implements, while colorful erasers help with art projects or provide extra erasing assistance when the one on their pencil is gone. For students who fidget, we offer fidgets pencils in four different varieties and a plethora of colors. These fidgets pencils can keep students from chewing or breaking pencils by providing opportunities for sliding, spinning, bumping, or gliding the fidget. Accessories like pencil grips can also assist students with proper grip when holding a pencil or other writing utensil. These flexible products function well for righties or lefties. Pencil Pals™ help keep students’ writing utensils safely stored on top of or along the sides of desks and tables, and our wooden pencil organizers are ready-to-decorate, so students can personalize their own desktop accessories.

Choose from a variety of colorful and teacher-approved pencil accessories to add a little extra dose of fun to the daily classroom experience. Fun pencils like ours can provide a simple and effective way to increase engagement and improve motivation.