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hanging file storage and magnetic pockets

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Letter Size Magnetic File Pocket - 1 file pocket
Pencil Solution Pocket Chart™ - 1 pocket chart
Wall Pockets With Labels - 1 pocket chart, 12 cards
Grouping Pocket Chart And Paper Baskets Pack - Classroom

Increase storage space with hanging files and magnetic pockets from Really Good Stuff.

It doesn’t matter how big your classroom is: We’re pretty sure you could use more space.

Teaching kids today requires a lot of supplies, materials and accessories. Storing all that gear can become a struggle, as teachers turn to increasing numbers of bins, tubs and more. And all that takes space away from students, who may have their own things to store.

At Really Good Stuff, we know exactly the sorts of challenges you face — our product development team is comprised of teachers just like you. That’s why we work to develop innovative storage solutions, and our collection of hanging files and magnetic pockets fills many of those needs.

Hanging organizers let you add a helpful system to a closet door, cabinet or partition. They can be paired with easels to create mobile storage solutions, as well.

Made for Your Needs

Several of these hanging charts have a specific focus in mind, while others can be used exactly how you like. Magnetic pockets let you customize the sides of your desk for important functionality, such as a mail pocket or assignment collection basket. The materials are also varied: You can choose lightweight vinyl or durable plastic, based on your needs.

Consider these storage ideas:

  • Wall storage of key art supplies. These are particularly handy for classrooms that use group tables.
  • Attach magnetic pockets to magnetic dry-erase easels for storage of markers and more.
  • An organization station helps you keep papers separated for students.
  • Some of these hanging storage options are made for specific gear such as earbuds, pencils and more.

Contact our staff today for even more ideas of how to use these durable pockets and storage systems. You’ll love the price you get, and you’ll be impressed with how they last year after year.

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