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new science and stem

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Animal Parents Science Center
Life Cycles Science Center
Dino Fossil Dig Science Education Kit
Shark Tooth Dig Science Education Kit
Build a Volcano Science Education Kit
Crystal Lab Science Education Kit
Crystal Garden Science Education Kit
All About Air™ Science Kit
Drop Ship
Gemstone Dig Science Education Kit
Dino Egg Dig Science Education Kit
STEM Success Kit: String Slime Goo
Extreme Geyser Tube™ - 1 tube, 1 roll Mentos
Plant Structures Science Center
STEM Success Kit: Newton's Antics Science Kit
Animal Adaptations Science Center
STEM Success Kit: Amazing Scientist
Sound Science Center
Energy from the Sun Science Center
STEM Success Kit: Physics Science Kit
STEM Success Kit: Electricity Science Kit
Weather Science Center
Jelly Marbles™ Starter Set
Drop Ship
STEM Success Kit: Water Science Kit
Extreme Bubble Solution Concentrate - 1 multi-item kit