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building and engineering

1-24 of 134 items
Excellerations® Jumbo Foam Construction Set 99 pieces
Excellerations® Foam Floor Blocks and Planks 44 pieces
Excellerations® Preschool Math Kit – Sorting and Patterning
Excellerations® Translucent Standard Building Bricks 810 Pieces
Excellerations® Magnetic Ball Run - Set of 2
STEM Engineering Kit - 3 Sets
Magna-Tiles® Rectangles Expansion Set - 8 Pieces
Excellerations® Ice Blocks - Set of 20
Excellerations® Mini Ice Blocks - Set of 36
STEM-tivity™ Class Kits - Silly Sounds - 1 multi-item kit
Excellerations® Standard Building Bricks - 800 Pieces
Excellerations® Translucent Building Bricks - 206 Pieces
Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set
Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set
$28.58 $57.19
You save: $28.61 (50.0%)
Excellerations® Foam Floor Building Planks Set of 24
Excellerations® earlySTEM™ Engineered to Build Toddler Blocks
Classroom Frontier Building Set - 150 Pieces
Magna-Tiles® Jungle Animals - 25 Piece Set
Excellerations® Natural Wood Stacking Stones Set of 20
Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors - 100 Pieces
Excellerations® Building Brilliance® Magnetic Shapes - 48 Pieces
Excellerations® STEM Translucent Attribute Shapes 36 Pieces
Excellerations® Mini Translucent Pipe Tubes - 360 Pieces
Excellerations® Linking Discs 360 Pieces

Help your students develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and logic and engineering skills with our assortment of STEM building sets. At Really Good Stuff®, we offer a vast selection of engineering toys and manipulatives for toddlers and young children all the way up through elementary school.

STEM Magnetic Tiles, Building Bricks & More

Looking for blocks and manipulatives that help with spatial recognition, classifying, math reasoning, and creativity? STEM magnetic tiles like our Excellerations® Building Brilliance® Magnetic Shapes set can help young children practice multiple STEM objectives, such as the exploration of motion, light, color, and 3-D construction. Add a light table to enhance the experience of this set or similar sets like our Excellerations® Translucent Standard Building Bricks for even more excitement.

Unbelievable Engineering Toys

Your students will have a blast with our engineering toys. From circuitry to marble races to inventor kits, children will put their engineering skills in motion. Teach your students important lessons about force and motion with sets like our Excellerations® Engineering with Ramps. It’s just one of many different sets that can encourage children to scientifically explore the world around them while playing and socializing with peers. Put your students’ learned skills to the test with sets like the Brackitz® Inventor Kit, or if you don’t know where to start, check out the STEM Engineering Kit, which offers three different ways to play and learn.

At Really Good Stuff, there are plenty of STEM educational building sets and engineering kits to choose from. We pride ourselves on offering the best STEM building sets at affordable prices, so you can better supply your classroom with unique and engaging ideas that will instill lifelong skills.