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math games and activities - primary

1-24 of 30 items
Slide and Learn™ Number Lines -  Set of 12
Excellerations® Peg Number Boards - 10 boards, 55 pegs
Magnetic Ten Frame Boards - 4 boards, 100 magnets
Daisy Puzzles - Number Sense 0 To 20 Set
Jumbo Magnetic Ten-Frame Set Of 6
Time And Money Two-Sided Dry Erase Board Set
Really Good Stuff® Cookie Jar Numbers Math Game - 1 game
Kites And Tails Puzzles Set - Decomposing Numbers To 10
Math Chips - Place Value - Set of 100
Addition And Subtraction Basic Facts Stacking Tiles Game - 1 game
Daisy Puzzles Set - Number Sense 11 To 20
Treasure Chest Addition And Subtraction Game - 1 game
Treasure Chest Addition And Subtraction Game - 1 game
$19.49 $38.99
You save: $19.50 (50.0%)
Math Mats Dice Games – 12 Mats
Really Good Stuff® Daily Math Pocket Chart - 1 pocket chart, 154 cards
Really Good Tug Of War - Addition Within 10 - 1 deck of 66 cards
Math Chips - Set of 100
Two-Color Counters - 200 counters
Seasonal Math Mats Dice Games - 16 mats

Encourage students to be more interested in numbers and equations with the help of these primary level math games and activities from Really Good Stuff®. This selection of math games for classrooms includes fun options for students at a variety of grade levels from preschool all the way through eighth grade. There are activities covering all kinds of concepts too, including addition, subtraction, geometry and counting money. All of these classroom math games are designed to help kids reach their full potential at school. Shop for educational math activities for students on our website to discover dozens of helpful teaching resources.

Making Math More Fun

While learning math is critical for student success, some kids can lose focus in their lessons. Math can feel somewhat abstract to them in books and equations, which is why using math games in the classroom is a great option for teachers trying to keep their students engaged. These hands-on math activities are ideal for bringing concepts like addition and subtraction to life in a unique way.

Plus, each game is designed to help kids at a certain level, so you can easily shop for products according to whether you teach preschool, kindergarten, elementary school students or middle school students. With multiple options for kids at all of these ages, you can create exciting lesson plans for a variety of math topics.

Designed by Teachers

Whether you’re shopping for challenging middle school math activities or simple kinder math games, it’s important to keep educational standards in mind. At Really Good Stuff®, our product development team includes former teachers who help to design our math games with these standards in mind. When you’re trying to boost your students’ skills to meet certain requirements, we’re here to help. Shop on our website to find high-quality, teacher-approved math activities for all grade levels.