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Classroom Label Magnets – Fizz! - 12 magnets
Spanish Magnetic High-Frequency Words Set 1
Magnetic Alphabet Charts And Letters Kit - 2 boards, 52 letters
Fraction Magnets And Manipulatives Kit

Improve student engagement and classroom instruction with our selection of educational magnets. These colorful and fun accessories can add a dynamic element to many of your lessons and in-class activities. Choose from a variety of magnetic letters, punctuation marks, pockets, magnetic labels, and so much more! Our extensive collection offers educational magnets that both assist with important lessons while encouraging play and creativity.

Classroom Magnets for Whiteboards

If your classroom is equipped with a whiteboard or chalkboard, magnets are one of the must-have accessories you need as a teacher. Because classroom magnets are both practical and interactive, they are a useful addition to your learning space. For example, something as simple as dry-erase magnetic labels can be used for labeling various areas of the board. Use them as name labels to display students who are assigned to various classroom duties, or write dates on the magnetic labels to write down each day’s homework assignment underneath. The fact that so many of our magnetic charts and labels have a write-on/wipe-off feature is great for versatile uses in the classroom. Plus, with the variety of designs we offer for these classroom magnets, they can deliver a sense of vibrancy and fun. Consider pairing some of our magnets with a colorful classroom theme.

Learning with Magnetic Letters

Another popular product in our collection is magnetic letters. Like paper letters that you might pin to a bulletin board, magnetic letters offer a visual reference anytime the alphabet is being discussed. Because they’re so easy to move around, these magnets create an atmosphere of fun and play. Use magnetic letters in an interactive display, and encourage your students to create new words and combinations. In this collection, you’ll find numerous types of magnetic letter sets for learning the alphabet and word-building practice. Pair these letters with magnetic reference charts, and see what kinds of words your students can sound out.

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