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indoor recess

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Pretend and Play™ Cash Register
Excellerations® Pretend Play Figures - Set of 28
Excellerations® Waffle Builders - 30 Pieces
16" Multicultural Toddler Doll - Asian Girl - 1 doll
Excellerations® Pretend Play Figures - Extended Asian Family
Excellerations® Small Solid Linking Discs - 1000 Pieces
Excellerations® Grid Linking Cubes - 300 Pieces
Excellerations® Mini Translucent Pipe Tubes - 360 Pieces
Excellerations® Jumbo Interlocking Blocks
Excellerations® Toddler Manipulatives
My Little Felt Farm 3D Interactive Story - 32 pieces
Matching Pairs - Children of the World - 1 game
Environments® Modern Wooden Doll House - 26 Pieces
Environments® Modern Wooden Doll House - 26 Pieces
$139.99 $279.99
You save: $140.00 (50.0%)
Excellerations® Soft Garden Wall Mural - 14 Pieces
Excellerations® Beginning Manipulatives - Set of 3
Excellerations® Boy and Girl Dressing Dolls - Set of 2
Excellerations® Translucent Lacing Beads 94 pcs
Excellerations® Translucent Lacing Beads 94 pcs
$16.99 $21.24
You save: $4.25 (20.0%)
Excellerations® Tree and Squirrel Blocks - Set of 46
Excellerations® Refillable Stacking Tubes - Set of 6
Excellerations Multicultural Family Puzzles - Set of 12
Excellerations® Foam Brick Blocks - Set of 68
Discount School Supply® Preschool Family Engagement Kit- Zoo
Excellerations® Primary Block Set - 100 Pieces
Excellerations® Primary Block Set - 100 Pieces
$49.99 $62.49
You save: $12.50 (20.0%)

Indoor Recess Equipment & Supplies

When it’s cold or rainy out, having a healthy selection of indoor recess toys, games, or other activities is a great way to keep children engaged and focused. At Really Good Stuff®, we offer a wide variety of indoor recess equipment that can help your children expend extra energy, socialize, and explore their imaginations.

Your Resource For Indoor Entertainment

It can be tough to keep kids entertained when they have to stay indoors during recess. With the right indoor recess equipment on hand, however, you can help them have fun (and even learn a thing or two!) while they’re being kept in the classroom. Here is where you’ll find some of the best selections of awesome indoor board games and activities from go-to brands, such as Excellerations®, Discount School Supply, and Crayola®.

Find the best selection of engaging and educational indoor recess equipment when you shop on our website. Looking for indoor recess preschool games? Indoor recess for kindergartners or older children? Find the age-appropriate products you’re looking for by using our filter function. It’s not all games, either. Get kids moving, stretching, and learning a bit about mindfulness with Mini Yoga Mats and Poster Sets, which will help kids learn and practice this popular activity when they’re not able to be outdoors. Or how about taking kids on a journey inside their imaginations with our Guided Meditation for Kids Flip Chart?

Learn Something New

Getting stuck inside for classroom recess can be a pain, but we’ve curated a selection of fun ideas and activities that are both educational and exciting! Most of the indoor recess board games and puzzles in our collection are designed to teach and improve essential skills, such as fine motor function, social interaction, math skills, hand-eye coordination, and more. They’re plenty of fun to play, of course, which is why kids won’t mind that their options for indoor recess also have an educational element. Our indoor recess toys include colorful building blocks, figurines, magnetic dressing dolls, road-builder sets, and so much more. We also have indoor recess equipment for dramatic play, so your children can act out and engage with each other with unique costumes and more.

When bad weather hits, don’t let your classroom recess be a bore! Stock up on affordable, high-quality indoor recess equipment at Really Good Stuff today.