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fractions and decimals

Fractions and decimals are critical math topics that can often prove challenging for students. At Really Good Stuff®, our supplemental math tools for fractions and decimals can reinforce key lessons in the classroom in a variety of ways that transform challenging instruction into engaging, educational activities. Our selection includes a wide spectrum of decimal and fraction manipulatives, tools, and kits that can help children understand important concepts and boost self-confidence when it comes to math skills.

Journals, Games, And Activity Sets

Shop by age or grade, and find appropriate fraction and decimal manipulatives and activities that students will love exploring in the classroom! Our math journals help children conceptualize important fraction and decimal lessons through challenges, math problems, and references that relay these lessons with fun correlations — like building a pizza! Our math board games, on the other hand, treat fractions and decimals like an adventure or through a gripping match of tug-of-war with fraction and decimal math cards. Our decimal and fraction manipulatives also include a selection of colorful activity sets that promote learning through hands-on play.